Exercising Is My Top Priority

By Rose Jones

How exciting to be a “success” story! While losing weight and getting fit has been a goal most of my life, it was one I could never seem to reach – until I met Walter. He has taught me (and my fellow warriors) that you need both healthy eating habits and a good fitness workout to achieve that goal.

While I would lose weight periodically, I never lost a lot and I could never find that right mix of eating right and exercising right. Walter changed that. When I started with the Warrior Weight Loss program – I was psyched – really motivated to stick with it. After the first class, when I crawled out of the gym, I was dreading the next class and my motivation plummeted.  But after the 4th or 5th class, I started to actually look forward to going – to seeing my friends and actually working out. Crazy right? Every class was different – some days we used weights, some days we did cardio – and not your average cardio – the Walter cardio – stairs – sprints.

My motivation took off. Why? I saw results. I lost weight – maybe 10 pounds at first – and the weight I lost stayed off. Then another 10 pounds and that 10 pounds stayed off, and I just kept going. What was really inspiring was losing inches – all over! And my clothes fit better, I FELT better.  I got better at exercising. That may sound weird but it’s true. I got better at pushing myself. I got better at trying new machines. I surrounded myself with people that encouraged my goals. Instead of meeting for lunch, me and my friends meet to walk. Me and my running partner share different races with each other and encourage longer runs. My boss and I share different exercises that we think would help each other. I even text long distance with my niece and we share different ideas on meal prep and protein recipes. It’s all about developing your life around being healthy. It created for me a sense of well-being.

One of the biggest lifestyle changes I have made is I have made working out one of my top priorities. Not only does it help with stress, it reminds me to make better choices when I ‘m eating. When I work out, I am more apt to stick with healthier choices.  Kids, full time job, husband – stress is a given. So now I turn to the gym to reduce that stress and help keep me feeling good about myself.

Being part of the group fitness is huge! Walter is very inclusive with us in the group so it’s a tremendous support – we encourage each other – we truly become aware of each other’s accomplishments and we cheer each other on. I love that!

One of the things I am most proud about is what I can do now that I couldn’t before. When I first started, I could barely do a sit up. Now I can crank them out like crazy. I went from using 5 pound weights to 10-15 pound weights. Probably the accomplishment that has most affected my life is out of nowhere came a love for running! I remember the night I couldn’t finish a ½ mile but Walter showed me how to stick with it and get faster and run longer. Last November I finished my first 5K and ran the entire course. Then I did another, and another and now I try to do at least 1 a month. Me and a fellow warrior have become running partners and we trained together to run our first trail run – a 10K. Yes! – That’s over 6 miles! My first ½ marathon is coming up in May. Never did I think when I started last year that running a marathon would be a goal I set for myself let alone accomplish.

I still have goals and I always will but now, with Walter and my fellow warriors, I can see my achieving them and I look forward to it!