My Turning Point (May 2005)

By Erica Gary
Before                                                            After
Weight: 160 lbs                                        Weight: 142 lbs
Bodyfat: 22%                                            Bodyfat: 17.6%
Size: 10-12                                                  Size: 6
Erika_front(2)3-30-04rev2Erika After I’m not going to lie….getting in shape is HARD WORK. If you haven’t decided 100% that you will be committed to a healthy lifestyle, it will be very difficult to get the results you want. When I first started working out with Walter, my biggest struggle was food. I always enjoyed exercising, but my problem is that I LOVE to eat. Cake, ice cream, french fries – yum! So my biggest challenge in the beginning was sticking to a healthier diet and only eating the “junk” on my designated “cheat day,” which Walter would specify after I had achieved a certain goal for the given month. As the weight starts to come off, you become less tempted by the food you know you shouldn’t be over- indulging in. It begins to click in your brain: If I stick to my work out plan and eat right, the weight does in fact come off. Of course we all know this already, but seeing is belieivng. Losing that first 5 pounds was my turning point. I knew at that point, I could reach my goals if I listened to Walter and stuck to the plan.

As you get closer to your fitness goals, you’ll be more determined to do the right thing. I still love to eat, but I also know that I want to lose 10 more pounds. So if I absolutely must have french fries, I’ll cut up a sweat potato instead of a white potato, and I’ll bake them – not fry them. If I am craving chocolate, I’ll buy the bite size version instead of eating a whole candy bar. If you love ice cream, try Edy’s Grand Light. Its all about moderation and making better choices.

As you begin to see your new body, you’ll think twice before you act. Should I go to the gym, or just go home?…I’ll go to the gym. Do I really want two slices of pizza, or I do want to look good in a pair of jeans? Everyday, you should picture how you want to look and feel, and it’ll help you make better choices. Starting out is hard, but trust me, it gets easier. Just commit to yourself 100% and you can reach your goals.