Even Cycle Instructors Need A Push Now and Then

By Connie ParadiseConnie

I’ve been working out my entire adult life. It’s been so long that I began running when Nike put out their first sport shoes eons ago. Before that, I played sports all through school. For the past 13 years I’ve been a cycle instructor, but as I aged it became harder and harder to maintain my weight and muscle mass. Life’s little crisis and caring for aging parents had me short-cutting on some of the work outs I used to do in an effort to cram in other responsibilities I had. I’ve known Walter for some time and recommended him as a personal trainer to friends after I watched his training methods at my gym. So it was he that I turned to when I knew I needed help to focus on my health, strength and motivation. Although I worked out 5-6 days a week, an hour a day, I could see my waistline expand a little more than I wanted. The two hours of weight classes I took each week last year began to fall off to the point where I was doing mostly cardio. Although I was still in pretty good shape compared to many, I was unhappy that the definition in my arms and legs were no longer visible.

Besides being an all-around great guy, he gently kept me on task with weekly calls that I knew I had to own up to my actions. I didn’t want him to go easy on me, but I have to say that the workouts he recommended were very challenging. Some days I struggled to get them in. He upped my daily cardio by 30%, and the weight training was more reps than I had been doing the previous year. I persisted and after a week or so, people started telling how good I was looking. I definitely felt firmer in my arms and legs. As hard as they are with weights, those squats can’t be beat for sculpting. I lost 8 lbs which doesn’t really seem like a lot, but the amazing thing is that through all the effort, my body shape shifted and that is what people were seeing. Now that I have seen the transformation myself, spending the extra time at cardio and lifting through a few more weight repetitions are more palatable, because I am very happy with the results and want to maintain them. I definitely push through those extra minutes. I’m usually a very healthy eater, but what I didn’t do that Walter helped me realize is that I should be eating more often, with smaller meals than the fewer larger ones I had been consuming. I never ate breakfast before I worked out in the morning, and he helped me see that I needed to fuel my body with good carbs to get the benefits. As a 66 year old spin instructor, I want to be able to keep teaching for a long time and staying ahead of my students. Improving my stamina over the course of 6 weeks has been great, but this program has done more than that. I’ve noticed a slight shift of my mind. I’m more motivated and I realize how strong I really am with Walter’s help.