Dr. Rajaa El Meskini’s Breakthrough- I Almost Gave Up

Dr. Rajaa El Meskini

 I am a 45 year old relatively active women. Until recent years my daily work schedule evolved to more time spent sitting at meetings or working on projects at my desk. I want to say that since I turned 40, with an expectebreakthrough personald slowing metabolism, I knew I had to keep a gym routine and I was not bad at keeping up with group classes at my gym. On the other hand, I don’t eat healthy all the time, but I learned over the years to keep my daily calorie intake under control despite my craving for sweets; especially on stressful days at work! However, with all that I jumped up 2 sizes the last 2 years, no matter how much I exercised. ​

I tried very hard to convince myself to get a trainer to help me add some additional workouts to my routine and workout classes. I even choose and adapted myself to wake up at 4:30 am and workout first thing in the morning for 3 weeks. Boy, that was hard…Not a pound shed! Did I mention that one of the well recognized trainers directed the training program at my expensive gym! By last July, I gave up for at least 3 months, and every time I weighed myself  I gained an additional  2 to 3 pounds. Food became an entertainment for me. Even if I was not hungry, I would plan a good meal especially after a stressful day at work, but Friday night was especially a killer! I found myself in a repeating cycle of no gym, food craving, feeling hungry all the time, and not wanting to do anything; even things I used to enjoy. I just felt tired all the time too! Of course feeling guilty about paying a gym that I only used maybe once a month was not helping either. I even reached a point where I couldn’t get myself, no matter how hard I tried, to drive to the gym!

So I needed help, but really didn’t want to spend extra money on a trainer that would be anyway wasted as I did on 2 trainers a few months ago! At the beginning of this school year as I was complaining to my well fit-group class instructor neighbor, she mentioned to me “Walter Lewis is a good trainer with results”. I finally was lucky enough to call in mid-September and asked the front desk about Walter, talked to him right away, exchange contact info and decided to start on the 21st, 3 times a week for 12 weeks (including Thanksgiving break!). I lost 8 pounds in 10 weeks by training with Walter. First of all, Walter was on time and sharp at each session. After the 12 weeks I trained with Walter, I was pushed to my limits. My body was aching every day after my training. But guess what, I started sleeping well, felt great, and above all was always looking forward to the next training session! With Walter every workout session was completely different, unexpected, fun, and somehow motivated me to try my best and do more. It was like a cycle of a great dynamic: I push my body, I realize I can do it, and I want to do more! In addition, I was so thrilled to see results on the balance! Yes, I almost gave up and thought it is just the nature of my body and that by 45-years old, I should be happy with whatever body I have and will not improve but will just go down the hill. Did I mention that zipping my boots and tying my sneaker laces started to be challenging. I thought that was normal for my age. Not anymore! I went down 2 sizes in clothes and that was a good problem to have. I ended up with 1 pair of jean and 2 pairs of pants to go to work in as I gave up all my clothes of the right size before working out with Walter, thinking I could never go back to that size! Wrong! I felt great! While working out with Walter, I didn’t even diet seriously (thanksgiving and the holidays coincided with my 12 weeks and didn’t have to give up anything!), I didn’t want to stress about my bad eating habits and I just tried to keep my daily calories under control. I should say the training was so motivating to me with results, workout was not hard for me to do, was able to go back in a great shape to the group workout and challenge myself more, that food was not really my focus and for some reason junk carbohydrates were not anymore a necessity every day! I couldn’t believe that such trainer as this was available at my gym! Every penny of my training with Walter was worth it! I didn’t want to spend any more money on clothes of bigger sizes, that for sure was a waste!

With Walter I used all the machines available at the gym; I was uncomfortable to use those machines since I joined that gym 7 years ago, not only that, I used those machine with some challenging weights like a pro! The biggest of all, I was dreaming to be able to maintain 10 min run on a treadmill or outdoor without stopping and actually enjoying it to fit it anytime I cannot make group classes; with Walter I did! I am running now a 5K distance in 35 min while feeling relaxed and energized! While working out with Walter, I could tell that he tries to make every minute count, every move assignment matter, and any session with a goal. He is so committed in his profession and training that he masters the training path of the client goals and needs. Every day I feel very lucky to have found a rare trainer like Walter that I can still afford and who not only impacted my health and well being, but showed me how to overcome a body challenge and never ever make age as an excuse. How proud I was this week while attending a body pump class while using weight load similar to my very fit instructor! I attended this class for about 4 years with no major addition of resistance weight…until after my 10 weeks training with Walter!

I recently gave my husband a 12 weeks/3 times/week package training with Walter as a Christmas gift! He is 2 weeks now in the program. The whole family now enjoys working out and feels great. I cannot wait for my husband results!  To keep myself motivated, I joined recently the Virtual Breakthrough Transformation Program with Walter. He provides me a weekly workout program with illustrations, just what I dreamed of if I have to work out by myself and expect Walter’s results. He also provided me with a nutrition profile to be more effective in reducing my daily calorie intake while taking in consideration my craving. Basically a non excuses program! I have never felt that great before while really enjoying working out! Running is awesome and at 45 it is even better! You can tackle any training challenge with Walter. I feel so blessed to know you! Thank you for conducting such professional training so ethically! Honestly, your program can state money back guarantee with no concerns!