Do Virtual Bootcamps, 10 Day Cleanses, and Lean Body Challenges Work?

The Results Speak for Themselves

By Keith S.

My girlfriend turned me on to Walter’s bootcamp in early March of this year and it was perfect timing since my work gym shut down due to the pandemic. I’ve always enjoyed working out but have not been as diligent as I would have liked. Walter’s bootcamp adds a level of accountability to my workout coupled with overall good fitness, nutrition and tracking. Over the years, my weight has fluctuated from being on target to 40 pounds overweight. 

When I started the virtual bootcamp I was 61 years old, 172 pounds and 5’-10 inches tall.  I know that any weight over 160 pounds starts to show in my love handles, and it was definitely starting to show.  When Walter introduced the 10 day cleanse, my girlfriend and I jumped on it; for no other reason than to lose 10 pounds in 10 days.  I got much more out of it than that.  I started at 14% body fat, and a BMI of 24.1.  By the end of the cleanse my weight was 152.8 pounds, and my BMI was 21.7.  I lost the fat and I feel better and lighter on my feet. That translates into more energy. I exercised 6 days a week and stuck to the meal plan. I also took the supplements recommended. My favorite was the fiber since it kept me from feeling hungry. 

My next step was to embark on the 14-day lean body challenge.  After losing 13.0 pounds in 10 days, I realize I also lost some muscle and now it was time to build that back.  I’ve increased my protein and weights and stick to the meal plan religiously.  I fully expect my weight to go up a bit due to adding back muscle, but that’s a good thing. My ultimate “fighting” weight should be around 155 lbs.  I take the recommended supplements and trust Walter that they are helping me in my quest.  Exercise now includes at least 3-4 days of heavyweight or bodyweight to help me build back muscle.  I’ve also increased my lean protein intake.  The rest of my workouts are medium to heavy cardio.

My goal is to exercise two times a day, time permitting.  Walter’s bootcamp has an accountability factor that keeps me on track with my workouts and has brought me and my girlfriend closer together since we do all this together.  We encourage and support each other along with boot camp in the park.  It’s a great habit to get into and the results speak for themselves.