From Chronic Pain, Injury, Being Overweight to Restored Health

by Genie

Prior to contacting Walter, I had spent the previous two years in and out of surgeries for my ongoing endometriosis and fibroid issues.  During this time, I had put on weight and completely lost any desire to work out or eat healthy. I felt run down, was always tired, and in constant pain. Then to make matters worse, I broke my right ankle in a freak accident. My surgeon said it was the worst break he had seen in someone who was not a professional athlete and it took a whole lot of metal pins and rods to put it back together. I was in bed for almost three months and it took me the better part of a year to walk without a limp.  By the end of that year, I was overweight, out of shape, and defeated.  I could barely bend my ankle and running was impossible.  I told myself working out was a pipe dream and resigned myself to being inactive, weak, and overweight. 

Then I saw my cousin at a girls’ brunch. I hadn’t seen her since she had given birth to her third child and, four months later, she looked AMAZING! When I asked her how she had gotten back in shape so quickly, she immediately credited Walter. She gave me his number and I had a million excuses not to call him.  I can’t afford personal training, I’m too weak, I don’t have time, I’m too out of shape to train, etc. But I called him and I convinced my sisters to come to the first training session with me.

The first time I met with Walter was tough!  He took my measurements and I wanted to cry. I had to stop several times during our workout and I felt physically ill. It was embarrassing and eye opening. I was worse off than I had imagined.  But I did it.  I told myself I would try this for one month and if I wasn’t seeing any results I would quit. I was giving myself an out. I started meeting with Walter twice a week. I’m not going to lie, the first two weeks sucked.  I had to take several breaks during our workouts and my whole body ached for days afterwards.  But Walter encouraged me the entire time.  He was my biggest supporter and kept saying “just keep showing up.”  So I did.  I kept showing up.  And by the third week, I noticed some small changes.  I wasn’t getting as winded.  I didn’t have to stop as much.  I was feeling a little stronger. But most importantly, I had started to run.  I hadn’t been able to run in more than two years and now I was running!!  This was a major victory for me.

In the five months I’ve been training with Walter, I’ve become a different person. I’ve lost weight and several inches, have become stronger, and have gotten my confidence back.  More importantly, I just feel better, physically and mentally.  I’ve bumped up my training to three times a week and the results are obvious. Walter has been my biggest cheerleader throughout this process.  He encourages me and holds me accountable. There are no excuses with Walter, just results.  There are still some things I will never be able to do because of my ankle but Walter can modify any exercise to ensure that I’m still getting an awesome workout.    

Its way past the month deadline I set for myself and I’m still going strong with no plans on stopping. This is a testament to the phenomenal job Walter does. Thanks, Walter, for helping me rediscover myself!