Bootcamp Help Reduce My Desire For Fast Food

By Marlin Peters

marlin petersWhen I first started attending bootcamp,  I was heavier. I definitely didn’t do as much cardio as I have been doing in bootcamp.  I believed heavy weights and eating whatever I want would keep me in shape, until I started training with Walter.  Bootcamp pushes me to my limits each and every day.

In the beginning, I used 14 lb weights, which was a challenge since we were working so many different areas of the body.  I could do all the exercises with this weight and some with more effort than others.  The more bootcamps I attended, the weights became easier to lift. Therefore, I increased the weight to 25 lbs.  That was a huge jump in weight and my body wasn’t expecting it. But I learned to adapt and adjust to it.  Now I work with 35 lbs.  Its definitely a challenge, but with Walter as a trainer it has helped push me past my limits and I have broken through. I keep pushing myself to obtain a more defined body while keeping muscle mass.

Originally, I figured I would eat whatever I want and still workout. But I quickly realized that way of eating didn’t make bootcamp easier. Some days were tougher than others, but I was always pushed to my limits. I decided I couldn’t maintain a good workout and still eat as I was doing.  Fast food every other day, wasn’t helping me get the most out of my workouts with Walter.  So I changed my eating habits, and reduced the amount of times as well as the consumption of restaurant food.  Bootcamp has made me want to eat less and put more effort my workouts.  I plan on attending all bootcamp sessions. It has helped create a routine I can follow. Also Walter Lewis’s bootcamp has opened my eyes and made me realize you don’t have to get a gym membership to get a great workout. All you need is a set of weights, mat, and a jump rope.