Bootcamp and Virtual Training Helped Me Beat Depression and Lose 33 Pounds

By Cheryl N.

Before Weight: 185 pounds

Current Weight: 152 pounds

Location: Alexandria, VA

Occupation: Compliance Attorney

The turning point for me happened at the end of 2018 following a tough life event when I finally decided to get serious about exercising and my health. Bootcamp and the virtual training program gave me the tools to make that happen. A lot of people know they want something or that they need help but don’t know which direction to go in to get there. Having that kind of support network made what I wanted seem possible so I could pursue it, and also showed me I wasn’t alone in my struggles. Walter and the ladies were there for me and encouraged me during a difficult time when just getting out of bed in the morning seemed impossible.

Bootcamp gave me something I could depend on and look forward to, a purpose and a goal. Through it, I discovered that exercise and taking care of my body were therapeutic and healing for me, and once I started having success, it just made me want to continue doing better. 

The virtual program and coaching calls, in addition to helping me stay on track with exercise, helped me get and stay on track with my food habits and mental health needs as well. Through the calls and talking with others, I learned that food is something nearly all of us struggle with but there are strategies we can use. Following the meal plan advice and learning to eat to live rather than live to eat gave me results that just made me want to keep going to see what else I could achieve.

*You can listen to Part 2 of Cheryl’s success story in audio on the WLFS Online Academy.

Specifically, she discusses: 

  • Her daily routine that help shift her mind in breaking through depression and become health
  • What she ate daily to help her body transform
  • The various exercises and routines she did that reshaped her body
  • Why she began to love running after years of hating it.