Virtual Training During the Pandemic Has Been Key to Maintaining My Fitness in Finland

By Agatha Mentz

Having Walter as a trainer during the pandemic was key in maintaining sanity and fitness. Many of my friends who were gym goers faded out of the gym zooms because there was no personal touch. Walter is interested in every single one of us, holds us accountable and mentors us while getting to the bottom of strengths and weaknesses. He is there for all of us whether it is through his group app or personal email.

I am a Stated Department spouse and serving a three year assignment in Finland as of July 2020. Landing in an unfamiliar city with jet lag, kids to prep for school, two week quarantine, gyms/studios closed, and not knowing anyone would have been a mess of a situation. Walter kept me grounded and kept me going. 

I was able to continue boot camp via zoom even with a 7 hour time difference.  My three or sometimes four group sessions a week of toning, weights, and cardio- taken care of!

Walter was my constant.  Felt like I was getting ahead in at least one area of my life- my well being- while everything else had to be figured out. Best part about Walter is that he is always available. If something isn’t working with food/exercise he is an email away.

What I love about these workouts is that its full body without collapsing and burning out on a machine or making excessive painful movements with large weights. A small corner of my living room, a mat, and my hand held weights.  In fact, I picked up cross country ski recently and if I was not exercising with Walter I would not have been physically ready to start such an endeavor.  Small movements, HUGE rewards!!

WLFS Virtual Programs Help Improve My Health and Make Lifestyle Changes During The Pandemic

by Reena Shah

As a working mother of two young children, it always seemed like an insurmountable task to find time to exercise and make lifestyle changes, however, with the help of the Virtual Bootcamp and Coaching program during this pandemic, I was able to focus on my health and make the lifestyle changes that were needed.  

I begin the Virtual Bootcamp and Coaching program in June 2020.  In total, I have lost 37lbs and have dropped 4 dress sizes!  In addition to the weight loss, I’ve also seen additional health benefits such as lower blood pressure and sugar levels.   In fact, my successful results motivated my husband to join the Virtual Bootcamp and Coaching program as well!

The combination of the virtual bootcamps and various nutritional programs (10 day cleanse, Lean Body, Walking Challenges etc.,) have continued to help with my results.  Throughout this journey, Walter’s coaching program has helped me navigate through challenges and provided guidance on how to continue to move forward to get to my goals.     

This improved health and fitness journey has been the one silver lining during the COVID pandemic.  I hope to continue to move forward on this weight loss and improved health journey!

Becoming Healthy and Fit During Retirement

By Renee S.

Recently having retired from employment, it feels pretty awesome to focus on taking care of me 24/7, enjoying the family, friends, community, and more importantly, just being at home.  Walter’s Virtual Bootcamp and Coaching has enabled me to get a good running start!  Through the daily workout offerings, one-on-one coaching sessions with Walter, specialty training programs and retreats, I’m healthier, stronger and equipped with the confidence to embrace the coming new year and beyond.

I am now down 30 pounds. Retirement thus far feels like an endless weekend!  Thanks to Walter and his team of professionals, I’m at my best and most authentic self. 

My Health and Fitness Success Through Virtual Bootcamp

By Ruth S.

I first met Walter when I did small group training to prepare for my first 5K at 50.  I really liked his training style and never thought I would be able to do it successfully. But with his help, I finished and was really happy with my time.  I moved from the area and was no longer able to continue training with Walter and started working out at local gym. And then when COVID hit, I wasn’t doing much at all to keep myself in shape. 

Patti my friend, gym training buddy, and 5K running partner reached out to me in September and told me about Walter’s Virtual BootCamp. I took the first class and realized just how long it had been. Even with walking 3 – 5 miles a day, it was no comparison to how I felt after the first class. I decided to join and have been attending on average four classes a week. I have seen a significant change in my stress level and endurance. I lost about five pounds but feel so much stronger and healthier and regret not taking any measurements prior to starting.  I love the classes and the flexibility! If I can’t make a class, the recorded sessions are available at my convenience. Thank you Walter for offering this!

I Lost 16 Pounds from the Cleanse, Lean Body, and Virtual Bootcamp

By Reena S.

I lost about 5 pounds in the first 10 day cleanse. During the lean body program, I saw a few things happen.  The first was that I lost about 4 additional pounds, but then I also found myself being stronger.   I noticed that my back and knees were hurting a lot less and I had a lot more endurance to do more physical activity with my kids.

The walking challenge forced me to increase the number of workouts.  Before the walking challenge, I was working out 3-4 days a week, but I increased the number of days that I was working out to 5-6 days a week.  Even though the challenge has ended, I have continued to work towards the 10k step goal (minimally) daily.

Walter’s coaching program helped me navigate through any challenges that I had run into related to exercise or diet.  It helped me determine what changes I needed to make to keep losing weight.

I started the Virtual Bootcamp program in the June.  In total, I have lost roughly 16 pounds and have dropped a dress and clothing size.  There are several benefits to the virtual boot camp.  As a working mother of two little kids, I find that I have a lot more flexibility when it comes to the timing around the virtual bootcamp.  There are morning options as well as evening options for attending the bootcamp. There are also recorded sessions that I can do on my own time.  I also like the fact that I can do them in my home during this pandemic.  I have even been able to get my kids to attend some of the virtual bootcamps.

I hope to continue this weight loss and health journey that I have started until I reach my goal weight.