Behavioral Habits Help Break Boring Rut

christine baker

By Christine Baker

My success story to personal wellness and fitness began with Walter Lewis in February. Like a lot of people, I suffered from fits and spurts of following a diet and exercise regimen, only to fall off the wagon longer than my healthy spree lasted.

For about a year, my company had been sponsoring a bootcamp program open to all employees; and although it sounded like a phenomenal benefit, I had avoided going because I was too busy, or tired, or whatever other excuse I could escalate as a priority over working out. After some thought, I realized my current yo-yo routine, or lack thereof, wasn’t working so I decided to give it a try. After two sessions, it was very clear that I was 1.) not in shape and 2). that Walter Lewis was going to be part of my fix.

In addition to the twice weekly sessions our company sponsored, I began working out with Walter an additional day during the week. Unlike other trainers I had come in contact with before, Walter’s approach worked. He was more motivating than any trainer I had known and I could see results after just a few weeks. My accountability to myself to improve with each session grew along with my confidence and strength. Each week Walter changed up my routine which helped break up the monotony of some of my previous workouts; ultimately leaving me looking forward to following my daily plan and continuing my progress. The physical results were impressive; however, I was also quite impressed with the behavioral results which ultimately was the biggest paradigm shift breaking me from my boring rut.

In addition to all that I have gained, Walter also taught me how to listen to my body and know when to progress or dial back. No drill Sargent attitude here, but rather a very caring and mindful fitness professional – he makes you want to succeed for yourself.  If you are looking for a trainer with a fresh approach to getting in shape, challenging but fun workouts, and who can do it all with a smile, call Walter Lewis.