Back To A Healthier and Happier Body After Gaining 50 lbs

By Carla Gregorcarla smim&skate

Before I started Walter’s Accelerated Body Transformation Program, I was miserable.  I had put on all the weight I
had lost with Weight Watchers (50 pounds), my knees hurt, I had problems with costochondritis (inflammation of the cartiledge around the rib cage causing me to have a lot of chest and stomach pain), acid reflux and I was tired all the time which I blamed on lupus.  I had gotten away from clean eating and cooking my own meals and was consumed with all the bad eating habits I was so familiar with and had a love affair with chocolate, chips and dip and my TV.  It was easier for me to have food delivered then to spend the energy and time making something for Freddy, my dog, and me; I was spending upwards of $100.00+ a wheel on food being delivered.  The decrease in energy was a big problem for me since I spend approximately 10-15 hours a week teaching private swimming lessons and inline skating.  I had to make a change.

I joined Walter’s program.  I took to his nutrition app right away but the exercise app took some time for me to really get into.  Besides a full-time job, teaching swimming lessons and inline skating, I do bookkeeping for several small clients, am dealing with the passing of a friend and handling her estate and was dealing with bronchitis which I had to go on steroids for a couple of weeks.  Walter was there with me every step of the way; he helped me figure out ways around things.  I started losing the weight and feeling so much better.  My energy level has come back and I am able to get so much more stuff done at home and am more energetic with teaching swimming lessons.  I love that I am back to clean eating and cooking and preparing meals at home.  In fact, the place I would call daily to order food from wanted to know if I was okay and that they missed me (smile).  Walter told me NOT to get sucked back into that old lifestyle.  My money is going to healthier food that is lasting longer than the takeout food and I am saving money.

At the end of this 6-week program, I have dropped 22 pounds, lost a dress size, no longer have acid reflux, knee or costochondritis pain, have my energy level back and overall feel so much better.  I’m happy again.  I no longer desire chocolate and when I walk into a drug store or grocery I don’t even think about picking up a candy bar or two anymore.  I now plan ahead and take my own bag of fruit and vegetables instead of running into 7-Eleven to grab something unhealthy between driving to different pools to teach lessons.  If I had done all the cardio Walter wanted me to do since the beginning of the program, I believe I would have lost at least another 5 pounds.  I am back to skating for myself on a regular basis.  Walter challenged me to doing my cardio at least 3 nights a week after work.  I head to Haines Point after all my other obligations and skate in the evenings after work.  I am back to skating 6.5 miles non-stop and doing a sub 6-minute mile.  I am working my way up to 20 miles non-stop and I know with Walter’s support and continued encouragement and the loss of more weight, I will be able to make this goal.  I am continuing to work with Walter at the end of this program because he said “I CAN MAKE GOAL WEIGHT.”  At the age of 58, I am looking forward to that.  Thank you Walter.