Are The Frigid Temperatures Affecting Your Mood For Exercise?

cold exerciseHow are you progressing in achieving your fitness goals for 2014? On January 1st, I’m sure many were on fire in setting goals and following a plan to lose weight, get toned, or get in the best shape ever. We are almost 30 days in the new year. Time to evaluate and see if you are on track or falling off course.

If you have been consistent since the beginning of the year, good job. Keep up the good work! However, if you have struggled to make any progress, check your mental state. Are the frigid temperatures affecting your mood for exercise? Let’s explore deeper.

Have you lost interest in things you used to enjoy? Do you avoid being around people? Sometimes do you feel intensely sad, down on yourself, or hopeless? Low energy? Constantly irritable? Is it hard to do everyday activities? Are you not feeling pleasure in the activities, people, and things you used to enjoy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s possible you could be experiencing depression and/or the winter blues. Regain your motivation for exercise by following the tips in the article “Depression and Anxiety: Exercises Ease Symptoms.”