Although My Diet Hasn’t Been Perfect, I Still See Results

by Nickie Donas

Like many people, I initially found the motivation and drive to lose the first few pounds in my weight loss journey on my own. However, my goal attainment was short lived, and I quickly was at a plateau. For the next several months, I attempted to work out three times a week, eat clean, and do as many of the “right things” as possible, but wasn’t seeing changes in my body. This left me frustrated and ready to give up. Two family members that had worked with Walter (with amazing results), suggested I reach out to him. After working with Walter for a few sessions, not only was I feeling and seeing results, but I was motivated again to push towards my goals. 

After working with Walter over the past five months, I have not only seen physical changes, but changes in my motivation as well. I am leaner, stronger, more defined and have lost inches all over. I’ve learned alot from him. He has taught me the importance of cardio and compound exercises and how to fuel my body with the right nutritious foods before and after a workout. And I love the workouts, though they are tough!  Walter has motivated me to dedicate myself to eating clean and healthy; my biggest struggle, but I’m working on it 🙂

Probably the most important change I’ve seen with Walter is an increase in my cardiovascular endurance and stamina. Five months ago, I never would have even attempted to run the steep 2 mile hill in my neighborhood. These days, I run it twice a week. A HUGE accomplishment for me! 

Walter has taught me to train with an intensity I didn’t know I had, whether I’m working out with him or on my own. I train with Walter because I see results.  There are still a few pounds I’d like to shed. I’d like to be better about my diet and increase my endurance and stamina even more. So, while I haven’t achieved all my fitness goals just yet, I know that if I continue to follow Walter’s lead, I can get there.