Almost 40 lbs lost together in 4.5 months- Sonja & Ernest Weightloss Story

By Sonja Wells

ernest sonjaMy husband and I really wanted to lose weight and get healthier. It had been a struggle to lose the pounds that seemed to continue creeping up in spite of our fairly good eating habits. I was determined that I was not going to go through another year without making a concerted effort to lose weight. I also was not going to purchase any more clothes in a larger size. I wasn’t really sure what I could do differently than my previous efforts to get the results that I wanted. I spoke with my doctor and got a prescription for a personal trainer. I asked my husband for his support and if he would consider working out with me if I could find a personal trainer that we both liked. He said YES without hesitation.

In December while meeting with one of my clients, I noticed how good he looked and how much weight he had lost. When I asked what he was doing, he told me that he was working out with a personal trainer and would put me in touch with him (Walter Lewis).

Walter has definitely helped us lose weight by constantly encouraging us and by always coming up with unique workout routines that my husband Ernest and I can do together. I have worked out with several personal trainers before meeting Walter. Not only am I getting better results, but he makes the workout fun and is really committed to helping us reach our goals. We also love that he comes to us. We are losing both inches and pounds. I have lost 20 lbs. and Ernest has lost 15 lbs.

Other benefits I’ve noticed are that we are actually having fun and we get to spend some quality time together. We also motivate and challenge each other to go that extra mile, and hold each other accountable. This is the best because you need a partner in this journey, and it’s easier if you are married or in a relationship that you both exercise and agree on the same journey so you don’t give up and are not tempted to fall off the wagon.

The biggest challenge continues to be finding the time in our busy work schedules to get our additional workouts in. This continues to be a struggle. We both start out early in the morning and get home late; so we are dog tired in the evening and leave so early in the morning that it is really hard to work out before we leave for our respective offices. In addition, Ernest commutes to DC every day and travels a lot.

Initially our eating habits at home did not change dramatically with the exception of completely eliminating sodas from our diet. At the end of April while watching the Today Show, I heard about something called the “Whole Thirty”. I purchased the books and after we discussed the plan, we agreed to try it for 30 days. So here are the basics of the plan: No Sugar or Sugar Substitutes including Stevia, No Alcohol, No Dairy, No Pasta, Grains or Beans for 30 days. You can have plenty of protein, fresh fruits and vegetables. We started May 1st and in 30 days, we both lost 7 lbs. While we will not continue with the program in its entirety, we will be incorporating a lot of the plan and some of the new food items that we learned about into our regular diet. By the way, who knew that sugar, high fructose corn syrup and sugar substitutes are in just about everything you eat; even in foods you would never suspect and that it really does not need to be in. Another thing we discovered is that if you go out of your way to avoid MSG; beware of Hydrolyzed Soy Protein (it’s another form of MSG and FDA does not require that it be labeled as MSG). I threw out my favorite all natural seasoning Spike because it had MSG in the form of Hydrolyzed Soy Protein.

We are thrilled with our progress and will continue to work out with Walter. We love the fact that we were able to see the results so quickly since we started on January 11th. In five months, we have very noticeable results; so we are committed to continuing our journey together with Walter as our coach.