Agatha Loses 28 Pounds Doing Virtual Bootcamp in Finland

Walter, I think I started training with you 3 years ago, but that includes coming up with excuses and not being consistent with food or exercise for our first year together. This inconsistency was my main concern, when I was about to come to Finland- that I was afraid virtual would not be a good fit for me, especially with 7 hr. time difference. Moving to a new country is always a weight gain for me and a country like Finland where the winters are harsh with cold and 3 hours of light, I was inside a lot and of course eating more.

A couple months prior to leaving the States and the months of arriving and getting settled was a total of 6 months where I would maybe show up for virtual once a week and have full blown excuses of why I had no time. Even though I was not working, there was plenty to do to get house and kids settled, but still.

The 10 pounds I had lost while I was training with you in the States all came back and was overwhelmed by Christmas (a year and a half ago) that I had to start at my heaviest AGAIN.

All you kept saying was JUST SHOW UP!! And I did.  And now, not only do I show up, but because the workouts are so well rounded, I am stronger and able to do more- have pivoted into different forms of extra workouts like swimming, cross country ski, long distance walks, and even a jog here and there. Also, the embassy provides a Pilates class every Tuesday which is perfect because there is no live bootcamp on that day.

Had very strong doubts the virtual would work for me, since I am the queen of binge eating and excuses. It not only worked, but with time of showing up and being consistent I have reached a point in my fitness whereby not one day goes by without me working out. Because the reality is, I just click and zoom in my own home and go at it!!!!

By Agatha M

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