A Woman’s Struggle to Get Fit

Many women today are caught up in their own personal struggle to get fit. The desire to get fit may stem from a desire to reclaim the figure they once enjoyed during their younger years as an adult or before they had children, to appear sexier and more appealing, or to simply be healthier. For most women, a combination of all of these factors play a part in the desire to get fit.

The Fat Complaint
Why do so many women want to eliminate excess body fat from their figures? Body fat has a way of making women look older and less desirable. It can make clothing uncomfortable to wear and shopping for attractive and stylish outfits difficult. Body fat can make women self-conscious as well, as body fat is often visible underneath clothing in the form of fat rolls and ripples. Some women also have cellulite and jiggly areas on arms and legs, a double chin, and other problem areas they would like to eliminate.

The Lifestyle Dilemma
As common as the desire to get fit is, many women struggle to accomplish their fitness goals. The fact is that many women today lead busy, stressful lives that leave little time for them to take care of themselves properly. Stress can cause overeating, and it can also affect hormone levels that encourage body fat to be stored on the body. Further, insufficient sleep at night can compound the problem of body fat. Insufficient sleep at night creates a situation where women feel fatigued in the morning. They may overeat for energy or eat sugary or carb-filled meals and snacks to get the energy they need.

Food Cravings
The human body gets accustomed to a certain level of sugars and carbs in the diet. It expects a certain blood sugar level, and when that blood sugar level decreases, it craves more. By opting for sugary and carb-filled foods early in the day, women set themselves up for mid-afternoon cravings. These cravings then create a situation where women crave before-bed snacks as well. Some women crave chips and sodas. Others crave chocolate and other sweet treats. Because of how the body responds to spikes in blood sugar levels, giving in to these cravings results in cravings later in the day.

Lack of Exercise
One of the most common excuses women give today for not exercising is that they just don’t have the time or energy to do so. Given the demands of working, taking care of the house and kids, and more, this excuse may not be unfounded for most women. However, in order to lose weight and get fit, it is important to burn more calories than are taken in during the day. Further, this process needs to be repeated each and every day. To maintain weight, calories burned need to equal calories taken in. The fact is that even moderate exercise can help to suppress the appetite, boost energy levels, and burn calories. So exercising regularly is key to a woman’s ability to achieve fitness goals.

Getting fit is not an easy thing to do. It does involve breaking habits and making changes that can often be difficult to do. However, most women who have been able to achieve fitness goals have found that they feel better physically and feel better about themselves through their efforts. Breaking these habits that are sabotaging fitness efforts is key to achieving results.

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