4 Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution in 2016

resolution photoAccording to a recent online study by Harris Interactive, 73 percent of adults in the U.S.  who set fitness goals as their New Year’s resolution, did not reach it. Have you set fitness goals for 2016? Will you attempt to make a change in the new year and are you committed to achieving your goal(s)?

Setting a fitness goal is no easy task and most people quit after only a few weeks. So, how can you make this year different and avoid joining the ranks of people who celebrate January 17 as “Dump Your Resolution Day?” Here are 4 ways to set you up for success and make significant changes that can make a lasting impact on your life and health

1. Create Momentum As The Old Year Ends
The power of momentum starts when you create a map from where you are with your health and level of fitness, to where you want to be. In this process you gain clarity about where you’ve been, where you are now, and what fitness goals you want to achieve. You are setting goals that are realistic. Momentum starts when you make a plan and start
taking action. Procrastination is the opposite of momentum. Circumstances will never be perfect. The longer you wait to take action, the harder it is to build momentum. Start momentum as soon as possible by setting your fitness goals and taking action.

2. Embrace winter and don’t be SAD
Seasonal affective disorder (also called SAD) is a type of depression that is triggered by the seasons of the year, especially winter. Between 4% and 6% of people in the United States suffer from SAD.  The lack of natural light exposure and cold temperatures can certainly affect your motivation to exercise. Even the most consistent exercisers may lose a little steam when it comes to winter. However, if you’ve made a plan and started taking action, you’ve built momentum. Keep the momentum going by embracing winter and do outdoors activities such as ice skating, walking or jogging, or join an outdoor boot camp. This will not only help you fend off the winter blues, but it will help you burn more calories.

3. Sign up With a Group Exercise Class
Working out in a group provides support, accountability, and structure. This cohesive support structure can encourage you to stick to your workout routine. Programs such as outdoor boot camps, zumba, and couch to 5K are great at helping create positive peer pressure and meeting new friends

4. Pick a Game Changer
If you have struggled in the past with sticking to your New Year’s Fitness Resolution, you need to do something different! Pick a game changer! A game changer is a program that causes a significant shift in overcoming an obstacle and achieving a successful outcome. A game changer can be as simple as joining a fitness program or hiring a trainer with a proven track record of helping others achieve their fitness goal. My “Breakthrough Body Transformation Program” is a Game changer. If you want to transform your body in less than 10 weeks, click here to sign up.