21 Pounds Lost in Eleven Weeks (July 2012)

By Dawn Richardson

dawn richardson (success story)I lost 21 pounds in 11 weeks, and trust me it wasn’t easy. I feel a lot lighter and have more energy. I can also get into clothes that I haven’t looked at in two years. That was really exciting. Working with Walter was a great experience because he gave me the game plan to get towhere I wanted to be. His encouragement and coaching tips were invaluable to keep me moving forward in this journey. This all started because I do an annual trip to Barbados to visit friends. I go at Carnival time, and me and friends usually jump with a band (dance in the parade). I didn’t do it last year because I wasn’t comfortable in the skimpy costume. That was my main reason for taking on Walter’s 24 day challenge back in April. I wanted to be able to get into a costume with confidence. My exercise routine was working out everyday except Sunday. I attended all the bootcamp classes provided at Gaylord and then added Zumba classes each day. It gets addictive. I began walking the bridge and riding my bike. The more cardio I did, the better. My meal plan included fish and chicken; either baked or grilled with vegetables or salad. I had lots of water and fruits. It was hard at first, but when you see results you are motivated to continue. I’m glad I did, and I’m still going. I have three more pounds to lose until I reach my goal, and three more weeks until my trip.