Virtual Fitness Coaching Program

We offer our virtual 6-week coaching programs every 8 weeks. Our next one is beginning soon!

Virtual Fitness Summar Coaching Program 

Jul 11 - Aug 15 2018

Are you constantly struggling to lose weight or get toned? Are you bored with the same workout routines and feel unmotivated to exercise or eat healthy? Do you find yourself sabotaging yourself with comfort foods? Do you have a difficult time coping with stress? Are you embarrassed to exercise in front of others? Do you wish there was more support and accountability in helping you reach your fitness goal? If you said yes to any of these questions, the Virtual Fitness Coaching Program is for you. Walter and his team of health experts will coach you to the fitness success you’ve always dreamed of.

Program Cost: $149


Featured Experts & Topics


The Weight and Fatloss Success Formula

with Fitness Coach Walter Lewis

Dr. Brenda Bradley

How to Transition to a Plant-Based Diet

with Dr. Brenda Bradle

sarah waybright

Simple Healthy Snack Recipes

with Sarah Waybright RD, MS


How to Prolong Your Life

with Henry Randal

katy caballero

Grocery Store Healthy Shopping Seminar

with Nutritionist Katy Caballero

Dr Eleni Bousalis

Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns

with Dr. Eleni Boosalis

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