Virtual Fitness Coaching Program

Virtual Fitness Coaching program

Are you struggling to improve your health, lose weight, and/or get toned? Are you bored of your exercise routine? Do you feel unmotivated to exercise or eat healthy? Do you sabotage yourself with comfort foods? Are you having a difficult time coping with stress?

If you said YES to any of these issues, you must join our Virtual Weight and Fat Loss Coaching Program.

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Walter Lewis, Fitness Coach

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Our Health and Fitness Experts will help you breakthrough obstacles that prevent you from achieving optimal health and fitness.

The program includes:

  • Week Customized Weight and Fat loss Meal Plan
  • One-on-one coaching from Fitness Coach
  • Group Lectures
  • Weight loss and Fat-loss/Toning Customized Exercise Plan
  • Access to the Virtual Fitness Community Group Page
  • Access to Online Fitness and Health Academy


Cost: $199 for 6 weeks

Success Stories

The Virtual Fitness Coaching Program was the best decision I’ve ever made. The results? I couldn’t be happier! I lost the 10 pounds, and my clothes fit normally again. In fact, I am wearing suits that had become too tight, and others that I had purchased in the past year are now too baggy. Even though I have more I want to accomplish on the strength training and toning front, I am proud to show my arms now, my stomach and legs are much more toned, and I have increased the speed of my running pace by over 1:15 minutes/per mile (now at 8:15 per mile!). I am sleeping better and feeling amazing. Thank you Walter!!!

Elizabeth B.

This program changed my life, because even in the midst of my very hectic work and school schedules, I was never not thinking about my health and the importance of continuing to strive for my goals one day at a time.I spent 10 weeks over 2 transformation cycles with Walter and half way through, I decided to adopt a Vegan lifestyle, which transformed things even more and gave me the kick that I needed for my health. I lost a total of 18 pounds through this program and I feel like a different person than when I started. My doubts were unnecessary and my results were amazing! Walter Lewis Body Transformation is the way to go to reset your mind and body for.

C. Boykin, New Orleans, Louisiana

I started working with Walter through a recommendation by my sister-in-law. When I saw on his website that he also offered a virtual training and coaching option, I decided to enroll. Even though I started this journey two months ago with the expectation of losing 20 pounds, I’ve already lost 27 pounds in three months, and will hopefully reach my long term goal of losing 60 pounds total in the next the three months. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve such success or keep the motivation to keep going at my pace without Walter’s guidance or support. I knew that losing weight meant looking and feeling better, but there are other benefits that I hadn’t thought about. I travel for work, and I’ve noticed that I fit in those airplane seats so much easier! Thanks Walter!

Andres F., Arlington, VA

My name is Eva. I am from Greece, but live in Bulgaria because I’m studying medicine at Medical University of Pleven. I have been training with Walter Lewis for 6 weeks and have really achieved successful results training with him. I lost 4 kilos (8.8 pounds) in 6 weeks. With Walter’s motivation and encouragement, I not only lost the weight that I gained, but I passed the exam on the second effort! He is the perfect trainer for me and I can tell that he loves his job! Thank you for everything Walter!

Eva K., Greece

After hearing a friend’s story about her body transformation with Walter, I decided to try out the virtual training program. Having always worked with a personal trainer in person, I was curious to see how this would work. I also live in San Diego, but was still able to have a successful experience. I received my meal plan and exercise program, which I followed, and was surprised at how much weight I was able to lose. I lost 10 lbs in just 1 month. What was most important for me in signing up was being held accountable. Prior to working out with Walter, I was working out at a gym and felt I could slack off whenever I felt like it. But this gave me just the push and I appreciate the “no-excuse” approach as well.

Eliza H., San Diego, Ca