2 Day Ultimate Fitness Nutrition Retreat

April 21-22, 2018

Join us for the ultimate 2-day fitness nutrition retreat. Full day schedule including fitness classes and cooking demonstrations. 


  • Sarah Waybright Cooking Demonstration: Pre & Post Workout Meals to Maximize Fitness
  • India Robinson's presentation on skinny cocktails and mocktails
  • Dr. Eleni Booslis on The Pyschology of Healthy Eating & Breaking Negative Patterns 
  • Dr. Katy Caballero's pilates class
  • Berta Jackson's Zumba class
  • Dr. Megan Mascelli's Taebo/Kickboxing
  • Heather Creadon's PIYO
  • Endora Fleming's Yoga

Music provided by DJCNice

2-Day Ultimate Fitness Retreat, Apr 20-21 ($359) 

Event includes: breakfast, lunch, dinner, post workout snacks, retreat journal and t-shirt. (Price does not include hotel stay. Hotel rate is $129 / night)