Ten Week Fitness Challenge

Ten Week Banner 2017rev2Want to get healthy and fit without the same old boring workouts? You can in the 10 Week Fitness Challenge. During the Fitness Challenge, you’ll experience adventure, transformation, strength and endurance improvement, and exciting workouts every week.

The 10 week fitness challenge includes the following:
Week 1: Hardcore Weight Training

Week 2:  Cardio Survivor

Week 3: Monster Band Intervals

Week 4:  Absanity

Week 5: Kickboxing

Week 6: The Sandpit Circuit

Week 7: Adventure Hike

Week 8: Crossfit

Week 9: 5K Run

Week 10: One Day Ultimate Fitness Challenge (Zumba, Kickboxing, Yoga, and Bootcamp). Held at the Crystal City Hilton Hotel on Saturday, May 20th.

Day: Saturdays
Time: 7:30AM – 8:15AM
Location: Ben Brenman Park
Alexandria, VA 22311

Day: Sundays
Time: 8AM – 8:45AM
Location: Northwest Regional Park, Owings Mills MD 21117

All fitness levels are welcomed.

Early Registration Cost: $199
Ends February 21st.


Late Registration Cost: $249

Sign-up at www.walterlewisfitness.com
email: wlewis.fit@gmail.com
Phone: 703-888-6312