I Lost 16 Pounds from the Cleanse, Lean Body, and Virtual Bootcamp

By Reena S.

I lost about 5 pounds in the first 10 day cleanse. During the lean body program, I saw a few things happen.  The first was that I lost about 4 additional pounds, but then I also found myself being stronger.   I noticed that my back and knees were hurting a lot less and I had a lot more endurance to do more physical activity with my kids.

The walking challenge forced me to increase the number of workouts.  Before the walking challenge, I was working out 3-4 days a week, but I increased the number of days that I was working out to 5-6 days a week.  Even though the challenge has ended, I have continued to work towards the 10k step goal (minimally) daily.

Walter’s coaching program helped me navigate through any challenges that I had run into related to exercise or diet.  It helped me determine what changes I needed to make to keep losing weight.

I started the Virtual Bootcamp program in the June.  In total, I have lost roughly 16 pounds and have dropped a dress and clothing size.  There are several benefits to the virtual boot camp.  As a working mother of two little kids, I find that I have a lot more flexibility when it comes to the timing around the virtual bootcamp.  There are morning options as well as evening options for attending the bootcamp. There are also recorded sessions that I can do on my own time.  I also like the fact that I can do them in my home during this pandemic.  I have even been able to get my kids to attend some of the virtual bootcamps.

I hope to continue this weight loss and health journey that I have started until I reach my goal weight.

Virtual Bootcamp and Coaching Has Become My Life-Saver During COVID-19

By Renee S.

Lost 25 Pounds

The results I achieved from the 10 day cleanse and 14 day lean body included developing a regimen of eating healthy, working out five to six days a week (even when I didn’t always feel like it) and making small sacrifices to achieve the weight loss.  Both programs enabled me to lose a solid 25 pounds.

The Walking challenge gave me the competitive advantage to do a minimum of 10,000 steps per day.  I was encouraged when viewing how others in the challenge were doing.  Even though The Walking challenge has concluded, I found it necessary to walk everyday come rain or come shine.  I chuckle still at having walked 110 miles.

 The coaching program was the asset that I enjoyed probably most of all because it allowed me to have a direct contact with Walter to talk about specific needs that I did not want to bring up in the group calls.  I’ve been doing the virtual boot camp since COVID-19 arrived on the scene in late March.  Fortunately, I have been tele-working and it was much conducive to workout at the scheduled times.  In general, I am more physically fit, slimmer, and stronger.  In past workouts with Walter, I rarely sweat. But now sweating is profuse and welcomed! 

My wellness physician reinforces that me exercising regularly, walking, and strength training attributes to increasing the body’s natural virus-killing cells.  It is one of the proven ways to keep the body symptom-free!

One benefit of doing virtual bootcamp is accessibility to the trainer.  Although, I am not “big” on being on-camera, I know that it connects me with the trainer and the other participants.  Walter is able to view how I’m doing and to provide encouragement and feedback. Since CODVID-19, virtual bootcamp has and continues to be a life-saver.

The Best and Safe Alternative for Our Fitness Success: 10 Day Cleanse, Lean Body Program, & Virtual Bootcamp

By Patty W.

The 10-day cleanse help jumpstart me and Craig’s journey.  We lost 4-6 pounds each within 10 days. After finishing the cleanse, we signed up for the 14 Day Lean Body Program. This program helped us with some weight loss, but more importantly reinforced a cleaner eating routine. Walter’s coaching in both programs kept us accountable. We knew that when we were scheduled to talk with him, we needed to give a good report. If we practiced sabotaging eating behaviors or missed workouts, Walter would help us develop solutions and strategies to overcome struggles for the upcoming week.

Along with joining the 10 Day Cleanse and Lean Body Programs, we participated in Virtual Bootcamp. We have been doing the Virtual Bootcamp since day 1 of Walter starting the program. With the pandemic shutting down the gyms, this was the best and most safe alternative for us.  We love the flexibility of it.  If we miss a live session, we can always catch it on demand and fit it into our day. No excuses!

There are so many benefits from doing Virtual Bootcamp. The well-rounded HIIT workout program helps keep our weight off. If you are just starting out, this may be a great way to test the waters and get yourself into an exercise routine. For me, I think Personal Training is still important and can be used for targeting certain areas of the body or getting ready for an event – like a 5K.   That is how I originally got started with Walter like 6 years ago — a “Couch to 5K” program!  Now he’s stuck with us! Thus far, I’m down 16 pounds and two sizes in the waist. Craig lost 18 pounds and 2 inches from the waist.

At Age 72, This Is How I Transformed During COVID-19

By Beverly

I received an email from Walter Lewis offering a free virtual bootcamp.  As I had taken bootcamp classes with Walter over 10 years ago, I decided to logon to the session and see what it was about.  The event was a lot of fun and I was able to keep up with the class.  Walter made modifications for those of us that were not used to this type of training.  My husband and I decided this was something we could do together as he was home from work during COVID-19.  I was ready to get moving as I had picked up some weight after retirement and was no longer doing regular workouts.

In the beginning of starting virtual bootcamp and coaching with Walter, my diet was very bad and I ate a lot of sugar and fats.  I was always tired and did not have much energy.  I could not walk long distances or do any type of running without feeling stress in my body.  Now I can do high-level cardio for more than an hour.  I walk at least 5 miles a day.  I no longer feel winded walking up stairs.  My diet has improved by following the meal plan.  I get the right amount of fats, carbs and protein. I feel stronger than ever.

This is how I achieved my fitness goal. First, I set a weight loss goal of 10 pounds over 60 days.  My diet was set up in the tracker and it was easy to keep on target.  The bootcamp kept me moving and I started to have more energy. The activity and food tracking helped me to lose 7 pounds the first month.

I was incredibly pleased with my progress in bootcamp.  Walter always encouraged me to keep going.  He helped modify many exercises due to some physical limitations.  My body started to transform, and my clothes were fitting better. Some were even too big!

Next, I joined his 14 Day Lean Body Program. This coaching
program accelerated transformation to my body. 
Walter tweaked the diet and gave me special exercises to do. He always
challenged me to do better.  My body
became more toned and I lost a few more pounds. 
My energy level continued to rise, and I developed an overall more
positive attitude.

I signed up for 3 more months of boot camp.  WOW!  I
did not think I was going to get the results I have.  It was not hard.  I just followed Walter’s program and it
worked! As of today, I have lost 15 pounds and several sizes.  I feel 30 years younger.  My husband cannot keep up with me!

The Couples of Virtual Bootcamp

In the past, some of my clients attended bootcamp or personal training sessions by themselves. However, since starting WLFS Virtual Bootcamp in March 2020, numerous couples have enjoyed the benefits of getting healthy together. Here are five couples who participate in virtual bootcamp at least twice a week.

Jeanine & Mike

The Walter Lewis Virtual Bootcamp Program provides us a fantastic cardio, core and strength training workout to help us realize our health and fitness goals. The program creates an individual engagement experience; one that’s flexible, challenging, and results-focused. Walter’s welcoming and engaging style is supportive while challenging each of us to be our healthiest version of ourselves.

Clarence & Dana

Clarence: I think if not for COVID19, I may not have joined. The zoom training is very convenient for me. Now that I have started, you can count me in.

Dana: As a result of me taking Virtual Boot camp classes, I am exercising more than ever.  The classes are offered at a convenient time, consist of cardio/weight training and I am definitely working up a good sweat. I’m am a very satisfied client of Virtual Boot Camp.

Craig & Patti

We are so thankful for Walter’s Virtual Bootcamp!   We don’t know how much we would weigh or how out of shape we’d have become during this pandemic if Walter hadn’t been so creative to get this virtual option rolled out to his customers. With several date/time options, it has been very convenient since I work from home currently and Craig is within a mile of his work. Actually, its been so nice just to pop downstairs and not have to drive back and forth to the gym — getting a little spoiled!  Also working out as a couple helps to keep us accountable to each other and not make excuses!  We are also engaging in the 10-day challenge and looking forward to better eating.  Thank you for all you do Walter!

Elizabeth & Todd

We absolutely love Walter’s Virtual Boot Camp, and having the opportunity to participate together makes it even better. Between being parents and juggling two full-time jobs, it can be tough to find time to exercise and to be together as a couple. After working all day in separate rooms of the house, we’re so happy when it’s time for boot camp so we can hang out together, see friendly faces online, and have a fantastic workout with Walter.

Eileen & Keith

Eileen turned me on to Walters bootcamp back in February, and I haven’t looked back.  It’s a perfect exercise regiment for outside or in.  Being at the age that hardcore weight training is not a great option, this combines, cardio, bodyweight training, dumbbell weight training, balance, and flexibility all in one.  The time on a daily basis is very manageable and has worked out great working from home during this pandemic.  Walter is very knowledgeable and motivational.  I really like the in-person (or virtual) workout in lieu of just random online exercise routines.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stay toned, workout with fellow exercise enthusiasts, and its an awesome way to connect with your spouse or significant other.  Eileen and I work out together four to five times a week, and has improved our relationship and made us closer in the process!