2-Day Ultimate Fitness & Nutrition Retreat

2-Day Ultimate Fitness & Nutrition Retreat
May 2-3 // 2021

This 2-Day Ultimate Fitness and Nutrition Retreat aims to give clients tools to live a healthy lifestyle after they leave.

The affordable rate includes four healthy meals & snacks, yoga, bootcamp, kickboxing, mixxedfit, guided and gong meditation, cooking demonstration, wellness lectures, massages, stretch, and more.


Walter Lewis
Fitness Coach & Owner of WLFS, LLC

Bootcamp and Outdoor Adventure Bootcamp

Dr. Katy Caballero
Nutritionist & Pilates Instructor

Yoga & Good vs. Bad Carbs Presentation

Dr. Megan Mascelli
Taebo Instructor & Health Educator


Sarah Waybright
Registered Dietician, and Owner of WhyFoodWorks

Cooking Demonstration

India Robinson
Owner of DIVA Bartending

Skinny Cocktails & Mocktails

Dr Eleni Boosalis
Psychologist & Co-Owner of Del Ray Psych & Wellness

Hypnosis for Weight Management

Dr Narash Chand
Health Scientist

Meditation for Stress Relief

LaDonna Gatlin
Mixxedfit Instructor


Monique Derfuss
Gong Practitioner

Gong Meditation Therapy

Dr. Brenda Bradley
Health Coach

Vegan Lifestyle

D.J. CNice


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