Learn more about our corporate Bootcamps

Learn more about our corporate BootcampsCORPORATE FITNESS SOLUTIONS


The most successful businesses are the ones who work hardest to provide a balance between work and life outside work for their employees. Studies have shown that workers are more likely to perform well when they are feeling great physically and mentally. Employees are also more likely to be attracted to, remain with, and appreciate an employer that values them. Happy, healthy employees will be more productive and loyal to you.

Walter Lewis Corporate Fitness Solutions was created to help companies keep great employees happy, healthy, productive, and loyal to their employers.

WLFS provides high-energy corporate fitness and teambuilding programs that propel employees, leaders, and teams to a higher level of performance. We customize fitness and teambuilding activities to integrate the success of your company’s culture.

In 2011, WLFS led Gaylord National Harbor to become ranked number two on the list of Healthiest Employers; and in 2012 they were ranked in the top ten Healthiest Employers. In addition to Gaylord, other corporate clients include the Society of Human Resources (SHRM) and the Mitre Corporation.

Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions ensures employees are actively engaged and challenged. Our programs are created to provide a lasting impact that will drive employees, leaders, and teams to excel in the workplace.

The services we provide include fitness classes–Bootcamp, Zumba, Yoga, 5K, and Half-Marathon training—all with certified instructors.


  • Bootcamp includes fitness adventures and inspiring workouts that will empower you to break through, take control of your health, and transform your body.  Example workouts include resistance training, partner drills, and intense cardio that will leave you burning fat for days.
  • Zumba combines high energy dance moves and motivating international music for a dynamic, fun workout.
  • Yoga helps reduce stress, build flexibility, and improve posture.
  • 5K and half-marathon trains beginners to advanced runners to run and complete their first 5K to half-marathon race.


All of our instructors are certified. We also offer Health & Fitness Seminars.

Whether you choose to hire us for one day, several days, or ongoing, we will provide a high-energy event/program that will inspire your workers, improve morale, increase productivity, reduce stress, and keep employees happy, healthy, and loyal to you.

Contact Walter Lewis for details.