Are you frustrated with your attempt to lose weight or get toned? Are you tired of looking out of shape? Are you looking for a program to help transform your body quickly? Are you confused about what to eat to look lean? Do you constantly struggle with fitting into your clothes? Would you love to achieve a more toned physique or shed those unwanted pounds? Need accountability for your sabotaging behavior. Look no further, I have just the program that will transform your shape in 4 weeks! The Accelerated Body Transformation Coaching Program. By joining this program, you receive the blueprint that has helped me and thousands of busy professionals, seniors, and pageant clients transform quickly. I’ve been helping clients transform for over 13 years, and never shared body transformation details in such an easy step-by-step way. Since the first Body Transformation Coaching Program in January 2016, over 100 participants have combined for a total lost over 1500 lbs. Lives have been changed and the health of participating members have improved dramatically. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to change your life and improve your health this year.

When you join the coaching program, you will receive:

1. A customized 4 week meal plan that includes your specific caloric and nutrition needs to lose weight, reduce bodyfat, and build muscle.

2. Six Week Progressive Exercise Plan to lose weight and/or reduce bodyfat.

3. Access to the Walter Lewis Fitness Mobile App.

4. Weekly Coaching Motivation Calls

5. Access to Online Support Group

6. Copy of my new ebook “The 5 Keys To Body Transformation”

7. Continuous support and motivation. And so much more…

Impose your will, and accept the challenge today.



 Date: August 9 – September 5, 2017

Discount Rate: $129  (Ends July 31, 2017)
Regular Cost: $145