From Chronic Pain, Injury, Being Overweight to Restored Health

by Genie

Prior to contacting Walter, I had spent the previous two years in and out of surgeries for my ongoing endometriosis and fibroid issues.  During this time, I had put on weight and completely lost any desire to work out or eat healthy. I felt run down, was always tired, and in constant pain. Then to make matters worse, I broke my right ankle in a freak accident. My surgeon said it was the worst break he had seen in someone who was not a professional athlete and it took a whole lot of metal pins and rods to put it back together. I was in bed for almost three months and it took me the better part of a year to walk without a limp.  By the end of that year, I was overweight, out of shape, and defeated.  I could barely bend my ankle and running was impossible.  I told myself working out was a pipe dream and resigned myself to being inactive, weak, and overweight. 

Then I saw my cousin at a girls’ brunch. I hadn’t seen her since she had given birth to her third child and, four months later, she looked AMAZING! When I asked her how she had gotten back in shape so quickly, she immediately credited Walter. She gave me his number and I had a million excuses not to call him.  I can’t afford personal training, I’m too weak, I don’t have time, I’m too out of shape to train, etc. But I called him and I convinced my sisters to come to the first training session with me.

The first time I met with Walter was tough!  He took my measurements and I wanted to cry. I had to stop several times during our workout and I felt physically ill. It was embarrassing and eye opening. I was worse off than I had imagined.  But I did it.  I told myself I would try this for one month and if I wasn’t seeing any results I would quit. I was giving myself an out. I started meeting with Walter twice a week. I’m not going to lie, the first two weeks sucked.  I had to take several breaks during our workouts and my whole body ached for days afterwards.  But Walter encouraged me the entire time.  He was my biggest supporter and kept saying “just keep showing up.”  So I did.  I kept showing up.  And by the third week, I noticed some small changes.  I wasn’t getting as winded.  I didn’t have to stop as much.  I was feeling a little stronger. But most importantly, I had started to run.  I hadn’t been able to run in more than two years and now I was running!!  This was a major victory for me.

In the five months I’ve been training with Walter, I’ve become a different person. I’ve lost weight and several inches, have become stronger, and have gotten my confidence back.  More importantly, I just feel better, physically and mentally.  I’ve bumped up my training to three times a week and the results are obvious. Walter has been my biggest cheerleader throughout this process.  He encourages me and holds me accountable. There are no excuses with Walter, just results.  There are still some things I will never be able to do because of my ankle but Walter can modify any exercise to ensure that I’m still getting an awesome workout.    

Its way past the month deadline I set for myself and I’m still going strong with no plans on stopping. This is a testament to the phenomenal job Walter does. Thanks, Walter, for helping me rediscover myself!

Overweight & Depressed 51 Year Old Mom to Athlete

by Tammy Frothingham

My story begins the day I turned 51.  I thought to myself, ¨I’ve never felt my age before, so, why am I starting to feel older and why don’t I have any energy.¨ I had never felt so sluggish, depressed, and unmotivated to do anything.  The majority of my life I had kept myself healthy with decent eating and exercise. After a couple of days of feeling sorry for myself, I realized that I hadn’t been to the gym more than a handful of times in the last 2 years. I knew I wasn’t going on a regular basis, but had not realized that so much time had gone by.  Not to mention, my eating was out of control.  I was 40 pounds overweight, which was 20 pounds heavier than when I was 9 months pregnant at the age of 42.  That was just out of control!  My 8 year old son was hard to keep up with, and, I didn’t want him to have an unhealthy mother.  I am not old at 51. 

I told myself at that moment — ¨I’M NOT GOING OUT LIKE THIS!!  I will not be unhealthy at this time in my life!  I will not do that to my little boy, who deserves an active parent.¨

I told my husband that I was going to sign up with Walter Lewis, the trainer my friend recommended to me.  His response was that I worked out my whole life, and, knew how to exercise, so, why would I want to pay a trainer.  It did not matter that I was experienced at exercising.  I could not get myself up off the couch to get moving.  I needed to be accountable to someone so that I would go.  Well, it worked.  

I started out training with Walter twice a week.  I was at the highest weight of my life, 180 pounds.  Even though I knew the movements and exercises, my endurance was not there.  It had been so long since I had done cardio.  He was able to do strength training, as well as cardio, all in each session.  I felt fantastic each time I left the gym.  Some workouts were outside, some inside. He tailored each workout to my abilities. He knew exactly what I needed. After a few weeks, my friend let me know that he also taught an Elite class with a handful of students twice a week. Once I went, I was hooked. I got the best workouts of my life with him.  I was on my way to being my old self again; what a joy and relief.

I had lost 33 pounds, and, felt like a million bucks.  My husband and friends told me I really looked like an athlete these days. Things couldn’t be better. Little did I know, the best part of it all was yet to come  Walter came into class one day and told us that he was doing a triathlon. I told him I had always wanted to do those type of races, but, never felt I was capable of doing it, since I was never a runner or a swimmer.  I also never had a group of friends that were interested in anything like that.  I admired those athletes so much, and, wished I could be like them.  

Walter told me that I WAS like them, and, just didn’t know it.  He told me that I needed to do it.  When another girl in our class heard us talking about it, she quickly said she would do it with me.  She, too, had always wanted to, but, didn’t think she could.  He reminded us of the endurance and strength we had shown in the last 4 months.  He knew we had it in us, and, wanted us to know it, as well.  We both signed up and began to train for it.

Once race day came, I was so excited I could hardly stand it.  My husband appeared to be nervous, asking if I really thought I was able to do all this.  I told him “I got this”.  I was not the least bit worried, knowing that Walter had prepared me for this day, and then some.  I finished the race, and, could have done more that day.  I was so proud of myself!   I thanked Walter for giving me the inspiration and confidence to do this.  I was so invigorated that I immediately signed up for another triathlon.  I have also done 2 Spartan Obstacle Course mud races.  

I owe a lot to Walter Lewis.  He has inspired me to be a stronger, healthier person.  He has also shown me that I AM the athlete that I always wanted to be.    

Thanks so much, Walter!

Your Virtual Program Changed My Life and Help Me Lose 18 Pounds

By C. Boykin, New Orleans, Louisiana

I want to thank you Walter for being a part of my weight loss journey. When I met you at the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) conference, my weight loss was at a stand still.

walter lewis success story c.boykinAlthough I had lost of 20 pounds at that point, it was not nearly where I needed to be. Being at a plateau on my weight was frustrating. I was struggling to continue losing weight. My eating was not disciplined enough and I did not have as structured a mindset as I needed to for a healthy lifestyle. When you were in one of my SHRM workshop sessions warming everyone up with exercises that could be done in an office setting, I was anxious to meet you, so I left the session briefly to speak with you outside of the room to ask you were you local. Since I live in New Orleans, I wanted a local trainer that could work with me. We discussed your Virtual program and I had mixed feeling, but ultimately I signed up. After I paid for the program, I started feeling like maybe it wasn’t what I was looking for, because I was not familiar with how effective the program could be for me. I asked for a refund and you told me that you would be happy to give me one if I tried your Transformation program and was not satisfied. Either way, I could not lose, so I tried it.

This program changed my life, because even in the midst of my very hectic work and school schedules, I was never not thinking about my health and the importance of continuing to strive for my goals one day at a time.

I spent 10 weeks over 2 transformation cycles with Walter and half way through, I decided to adopt a Vegan lifestyle, which transformed things even more and gave me the kick that I needed for my health. I lost a total of 18 pounds through this program and I feel like a different person than when I started.  My doubts were unnecessary and my results were amazing! Walter Lewis Body Transformation is the way to go to reset your mind and body for.

My doubts were unnecessary and my results were amazing! Walter Lewis Body Transformation is the way to go to reset your mind and body for healthy living.

I’m Leaner, Fitter, and Healthier Than I was Before I Got Pregnant

By Dr. Eleni Boosalis

I’m 42 years old and had my 3rd baby on November 18th. I had gained 54 lbs and weighed in at 187 lbs. I was overwhelmed with how to lose all that weight as I had no energy and was too tired to go up a flight of stairs. 


I began training with Walter on January 3rd 2017 (weight 152 lbs & 30.8% bodyfat) and today exactly 6 months later on June 3rd, I weigh in at 125 lbs and 20.8% bodyfat! I’m leaner, fitter, and healthier than I was before I got pregnant.

Walter has been the best trainer for me because his workouts have gotten me the quickest results in the shortest amount of time. He takes the time to listen and create a program that is individualized. He was able to target all of my problem areas and altered my workouts every time we met to keep my workouts efficient and never boring. I have learned how to workout independently without him as well and he has taught me how to avoid hitting a plateau which has happened in the past.

My advice to mothers over 40 years old who have multiple children and a busy life is to make yourself a priority. I feel there are 3 main challenges in getting fit-
1. time management
2. Staying motivated (long term)
3. Being organized with food prep

The only way for me to get it done was to schedule workouts in my daily schedule as if they were mandatory just like a work meeting would be or taking my child to school would be. You have to be just as important to yourself as your kids are to you, otherwise it is easy to get lost in “why am I doing this?”

Staying motivated happened for me by meeting with Walter. He helped me stay focused and look forward to the next goal. As I started to lose weight, get into my skinny clothes, and ran around after my three kids without being tired, the motivation grew.

The food prep also had to be a priority. Just as I made my kids lunches and dinners, I included myself as part of that. I realized there is no reason why I couldn’t prep my own healthy food as I was prepping my kid’s healthy food. I told myself if I do not take care of my physical health, my mental health will suffer as well and I won’t be the best parent and best version of myself I can be. At 42 years old with children ages 5, 3, and 6 months, I have more energy than I have had since my 20’s. Thank you Walter!

Virtual Training Helped Me Lose 18 Pounds after My Wedding

By Jennifer Nails

jenniferI have always struggled with my weight throughout my life.  Things really got out of control with my weight when I got engaged last year February 2016.  You would think the total opposite, right?  You know trying to get into that fancy wedding dress would be motivating enough, but nope!  The pounds packed on as I stressed ate trying to plan this wedding.  From late night appointments with the wedding planner, to picking out flowers, to invitations, to seating charts, colors, lighting, programs, cake, keeping the bridal party in order, bridesmaid dresses, makeup, hair, hotel accommodations, etc.!  I could go on and on but that would just bore you.  Not to mention, my fiancé and I purchased a house, remodeled it and moved in during the time we were planning our wedding. This was all done in the short time frame of 7 months!  SEVEN MONTHS!!! So needless to say food was my best friend during this time lol.

Now flash forward several months, it’s January 2017. The wedding has come and gone, honeymoon is over and now my husband and I are comfortably settled into our new home.  The stress has long been gone, but I continue to eat.  I called this the hibernation phase lol.  I was so happy to be in love and finally spend time with my husband without all the other distractions that we spent most of our time snuggling on the couch, watching TV/movies and of course eating!  Of course here’s comes more weight gain. This is when I get a call from Walter asking if I would like to join his virtual body transformation program for the start of the New Year.  I jumped on the opportunity to join because even though I was enjoying my hibernation time with my husband, the reality was my clothes were too tight, I felt very tired all the time and just all around out of shape.

As a busy professional I knew that a virtual training program would be great for me.  Aside from the obvious benefits, its cost effective – no travel time or travel cost, the huge convenience factor – appointments are available outside regular office hours, and I can contact him anywhere there is phone service or the internet is available, the two (2) major key factors for me was the support and accountability.

  1. Support – It takes daily discipline to lose the weight and keep it off. I lack the discipline that keeps me from reaching my goals on my own.  So having someone like Walter through his Virtual Body Transformation program in my corner gave me the strength to keep going. I always have an experience professional by my side.
  2. Accountability – Having to provide weekly updates was very motivating for me. It can be hard to find the motivation to complete every exercise session planned for the week or eat the right things most of the time. For me knowing that I have someone other than myself to hold me accountable helps keep me on track during those difficult moments.

And I am proud to say I have lost a total of 18 pounds and counting thanks to the virtual body transformation program.