My Mind is Shifting & My Body Has Continued to Transform- (Oct 2007)

by Tracy Legree, Patent Examiner

Before                                            After
weight: 235 lbs                            weight: 198 lbs

TracyLegree(before&after)Prior to participating and committing to following the eating plan with Walter, my eating habits were terrible. I had been exercising on my own, but had seen little results. So I decided to give Walter a call. I felt I had nothing to lose, except weight. The first couple of weeks were strict, but I made it through. I have to admit the eating plan was not easy and despite my weight loss, I was beginning to miss my old favorites (pizza and ice cream) by week four. However, with Walter’s constant encouragement, I was able to stick to the eating and exercise plan. After the fifth week ended, Walter allowed me to have a cheat day and I could hear the pizza calling my name. I tried it, but the pizza was not as good as I remembered; and wished I had some fruit instead. My mind is shifting and my body has continued to transform. While training with Walter, I have lost close to 40 lbs.

Lessons learned- Following a healthy diet is not as hard as I believed; as long as I follow a few rules.

1) Fresh fruit is a great way to curb my sweet tooth.

2) I must incorporate vegetables into my daily meals; and

3) Plan ahead! (I have to keep fruits and veggies available in the house. I need to take my lunch or commit to buying a salad or healthy meal for lunch).

Thanks Walter!


My Turning Point (May 2005)

By Erica Gary
Before                                                            After
Weight: 160 lbs                                        Weight: 142 lbs
Bodyfat: 22%                                            Bodyfat: 17.6%
Size: 10-12                                                  Size: 6
Erika_front(2)3-30-04rev2Erika After I’m not going to lie….getting in shape is HARD WORK. If you haven’t decided 100% that you will be committed to a healthy lifestyle, it will be very difficult to get the results you want. When I first started working out with Walter, my biggest struggle was food. I always enjoyed exercising, but my problem is that I LOVE to eat. Cake, ice cream, french fries – yum! So my biggest challenge in the beginning was sticking to a healthier diet and only eating the “junk” on my designated “cheat day,” which Walter would specify after I had achieved a certain goal for the given month. As the weight starts to come off, you become less tempted by the food you know you shouldn’t be over- indulging in. It begins to click in your brain: If I stick to my work out plan and eat right, the weight does in fact come off. Of course we all know this already, but seeing is belieivng. Losing that first 5 pounds was my turning point. I knew at that point, I could reach my goals if I listened to Walter and stuck to the plan.

As you get closer to your fitness goals, you’ll be more determined to do the right thing. I still love to eat, but I also know that I want to lose 10 more pounds. So if I absolutely must have french fries, I’ll cut up a sweat potato instead of a white potato, and I’ll bake them – not fry them. If I am craving chocolate, I’ll buy the bite size version instead of eating a whole candy bar. If you love ice cream, try Edy’s Grand Light. Its all about moderation and making better choices.

As you begin to see your new body, you’ll think twice before you act. Should I go to the gym, or just go home?…I’ll go to the gym. Do I really want two slices of pizza, or I do want to look good in a pair of jeans? Everyday, you should picture how you want to look and feel, and it’ll help you make better choices. Starting out is hard, but trust me, it gets easier. Just commit to yourself 100% and you can reach your goals.

How This Miss Virginia USA 2013 Contestant Achieved Her Fitness Goals within 45 Days












In September of this year I traveled to Washington, DC to complete a travel nurse assignment and continue preparation for the Miss Virginia USA 2013, which is now only 1 short week away. The Miss Virginia USA system has many areas of competition including personality interview, evening gown and poise, and the infamous swimsuit competition. I had been in the gym “working out” on my own all summer and felt I was in decent shape.  I sought out a personal trainer because I required more defined guidelines in exercise and even more so for my diet.  I needed an incredible physique with only two months to prepare. It was by fate and the good Lord above I stumbled upon Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions online.

At 130lbs, it only took a one hour session with Walter for me to discover I was actually very much out of shape. I immediately realized all those times in the gym over the summer were mere stepping stones to being “competition ready” physically.  My own weekly routine had consisted of running on the treadmill, weights and abs. There was not much change in my day to day exercise and the rest periods in between sets continued to progressively increase.

The first several weeks of workouts with Walter were mostly high intensity cardio sessions. Walter also focused on my “problem” areas: hips and legs. The work is intense and often overwhelming, however Walter is quick to recognize how hard you can be pushed and when to ease off. His patience is phenomenal. In between his workouts 2-3 times per week, I began running on my own for 40-60 minutes non –stop. This took several weeks to become a reality as I have NEVER been a runner. I am now running 5-6 miles at a constant pace. All workouts are conducted outdoors and always different which eliminates my boredom. We set goals together as far as weight loss, body fat reduction and losing inches. I began seeing results quickly and became addicted to this new way of training and shocking my body in to shape. I increased my training sessions to 4 times per week in October and then really began to focus on the diet portion.

I have never been severely overweight. I was very petite throughout school; however, as my metabolism began slowing down, my eating habits sped up and became increasingly unhealthy. Working as an Emergency Department Registered Nurse with varied shifts makes dieting nearly impossible. Walter taught me to eliminate carbohydrates late in the evening, decrease sodium and sugar intake, and to increase protein and veggie intake daily. I quickly learned that the phrases “100 calorie packs,” “fat free,” and “sugar free” are often packed with carbs and should mostly be avoided. Dieting was by far the most challenging aspect of achieving a “competition ready” body type. I love to try new restaurants and enjoy delicious meals, especially while living in DC! He is quick to remind me of how amazing the end results could be which really helped me to pass on those unhealthy foods.  Each and every week Walter tweaked my diet based on my continuing results. Even though I often put up a fight, I always get the same response: “You’re in competition.” I plan to eat a very large doughnut (or three) just prior to my first “post competition” workout with him!! Ha.

I have faced several challenges adapting to this new lifestyle. There was about a three week period that I plateaued and my weight remained at 119 lbs. Although this was very discouraging, Walter was there to explain I was gaining muscle as well as loosing fat at the same time. Some weeks I would only lose inches rather than weight.

Training with Walter has been such a blessing. His positive encouragement, teaching, and coaching methods lead me to achieve my goals within a very short time.  There is nothing simple or easy about this type of training but I am a much stronger woman-mentally, spiritually and physically. Not only have I achieved healthy weight loss and incredible muscle tone, I have now officially ran my very first official 5K in under 30 minutes. I have lost 15lbs (and counting), 7% body fat, and numerous inches in all areas of my body. And I have gone from a size 6 to 0. Walter taught me the healthy way of living which I plan to continue far beyond this competition.

In direct correlation with my incredible new physique; my confidence and self-esteem, poise, and posture have improved tremendously also.  God definitely placed Walter in the right profession. and I am so thankful and truly grateful for everything he has helped me accomplish thus far. Thank you Walter!!!!

April Beason, Registered Nurse and Miss Virginia USA 2013 contestant