1-Day Ultimate Fitness Challenge


 One Day Ultimate Fitness Challenge

Saturday, May 20th

Are you ready to test your will and level of fitness? You’ve accepted the challenge to get in your best shape ever, and worked hard to lose weight, get toned, healthy, flatten your stomach, and/or feel better. Now it’s time to get the edge and demolish your goals. Join the 1-Day Ultimate Fitness Challenge. For one day and 100 minutes, you will go through a Quadruple  threat workout that will provide you with the ultimate fitness experience.One day fitness challenge 2017

The 1-Day Ultimate Fitness Challenge includes:

  • (Pilates/Yoga) Katy Stearns
  • (Zumba) Roberta Jackson
  • (Bootcamp) Walter Lewis
  • (Kickboxing)


  • Expert Instructors Walter Lewis, Dr. Katy Stearns, and Roberta Jackson will take you through an amazing fat-burning workout.
  • You only have two options: Make an excuse or Join the Ultimate Fitness Challenge. Impose your will, and accept the challenge today.

Date: Saturday, May 20, 2017

Time: 8:30AM – 11:30AM

Location: Crystal City Hilton Hotel, Arlington, VA 22202

Early-Bird Cost: $35

Sign-up at: www.walterlewisfitness.com

Or contact Walter Lewis

Phone: 703-888-6312

Email: wlewis.fit@gmail.com