Leaner Legs- 4 Solutions to Reducing Fat on Your Hips, Butt, and Thighs

The desire to lose fat in the legs is a common area of concern for many women. The secret to accomplishing this takes a four prong approach: variety, consistency, patience, and natural whole foods.

Step 1: Add Variety. You must consistently shock the legs with varied exercises, in different ways and intensity. A variety of terrains will attack the lower body at different angles. Exercise props such as hills, steps, benches, and bleachers are excellent tools to help burn fat in the lower body. On these props you can do lunges, step-ups, squats, or high knees.

Step 2: Be Consistent. You should attack your legs at least twice a week with resistance training using a combination of weights, bands, and bodyweight. You should perform cardio such as running or walking at least 4 times a week.

Step 3: Be Patient. You will likely lose fat quicker everywhere else before you begin to lose fat in the legs, butt, hips, and thighs. Women carry a large number of alpha-2 receptors in their lower body, and these fat cell receptors are resistant to change. But be encouraged; given the extra time necessary, the fat will be released and you will see results.

Step 4: Eat Natural Whole Foods. To see results in your legs, you must eliminate refined processed foods such as cookies, candy, white bread, and ice cream. Replace them with natural foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.

Following these four steps will not only sculpt your legs, butt, hips, and thighs, but they will help you create an awesome physique.

Your Personal Trainer and Health Coach

Walter Lewis Fitness SolutionsWalter Lewis, owner of Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions LLC, is a Certified Outdoor Action Fitness Coach, American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer, and Certified Wellness Coach. Walter is an experienced Fitness Coach who has trained and motivated over 500 busy professionals and women to get into the best shape of their lives. His list of clients includes Attorneys, Patent Examiners, Directors, Business Owners, Miss DC International 2008, Miss DC International 2009, Miss DC International 2010 (top ten finalist), Mrs. Maryland United States 2009, Mrs. Maryland United States 2010, and Miss Teen East Coast International 2010 (winner of Miss Teen International).

Over the past five years, Walter Lewis’s mind and body transformation programs have caused him to quickly become one of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC’s most sought after trainers. He has been rank as the #1 Personal Trainer at Old Town Alexandria Sport and Health Club, and has been featured in The Washington Post Express. Some of his programs include Ultimate Fitness Challenge, 6 Hour Bootcamp, How to Run Your First 5K, and Weightloss Warrior

The Ultimate Fitness Experience

Walter is an avid runner and has competed in numerous races, including 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons. His mission is to create the ultimate fitness experience by using innovative exercises that accelerate results, break plateaus, eliminate boredom, and challenge your mind and body. We train outdoors, which also makes the workout exhilarating, engaging, fun and energizing. Also offered, is in-home personal training.

Walter’s Training Philosophy

Walter utilizes the natural environment of the outdoors for high intensity circuit, strength, and interval training to help you get in top shape. He is devoted to motivating each of his clients while igniting, and driving his clients in order to achieve the ultimate goal: to produce a significant increase in their quality of life, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Featured in:

As featured in The Washington Post ExpressAs featured in The Express Night Out



Star Bootcamp: A Success in the Making!

Biggest Loser Fitness Challenge and Weight lossGaylord National’s Biggest Loser Season II had amazing results.

Overall there was a Weight loss of 65.3 pounds

The First Session of the STAR Bootcamp has been awesome! Many thanks to all the participants for making the STAR Bootcamp such a success! Several STARS implemented a noticeable change in their eating habits and lifestyle by allowing trainer Walter Lewis to come in and take control of their fitness and health twice a week, for 12 weeks. Many STARS not only enjoyed the workouts, but also enjoyed meeting other STARS from different departments. Well wishes and continued success to the participating STARS with their health and weight loss.

My passion for helping others get into the best shape of their lives has been recharged while training here at the Gaylord. The STARS that attended bootcamp were full of energy, commitment, and desire to improve their health. Since starting the bootcamp in November 2010, several STARS gave testimonials of how the class has changed their lives. After two months of bootcamp, Eskadar Mckennon no longer has to take cholesterol medication. Lynn Watson noticed a slimmer waistline. It is these stories that motivate me as a trainer, and remind me of my purpose. Thank you Gaylord National Harbor for allowing me to train awesome STARS! – Walter Lewis, STAR Fitness Trainer Walter has been an inspiration and a motivator. When I could not run at the beginning he was patient and he pushed me to continue. Now at the end of 12 weeks I could not only run but I could do those famous “suicides”. He is an excellent trainer and he makes STAR bootcamp fun! – LaShawn Wood, Safety Services Gaylord National’s Biggest Loser Season II had amazing results. Overall there was a Weight loss of 65.3 pounds.

Congratulations to the Biggest Loser Winner Lolita Holmes of Safety Services

Lolita also participated in STAR bootcamp and the results paid off.

Bootcamp was a breakthrough for me. I was a “junkfood junkie.” I have been delivered from junk food and I have learned not to live to eat but how to eat to live. My health is so much more important than I thought. Being the winner of The Biggest Loser, I am proud of my discipline. I want to thank Walter for his positive reinforcements and my co-STARS for pushing me through.

– Lolita Holmes, Safety Services


Walter has been an inspiration and a motivator. When I could not run at the beginning he was patient and he pushed me to continue. Now at the end of 12 weeks I could not only run but I could do those famous “suicides”. He is an excellent trainer and he makes STAR bootcamp fun!

– LaShawn Wood, Safety Services


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Step by Step: Taking Advantage of the Stairs

Step by Step: Walter Lewis Fitness CoachIF YOU’RE LATE to a session with Steve Kostorowski at Water Street Gym (3401 K St. NW, 202-338-2711), he has a method for getting your heart rate back on schedule: a couple flights of stairs.

After a few seconds of trying to keep up with his stairmill (that’s the cardio machine that looks like an escalator, not the one with two pedals that go up and down), your heart rate will be ascending right along with you.

“They always wonder, ‘How can I be this out of breath in one minute?'” he says. The answer is they’re working against gravity and their own body weight, while targeting muscles they’re not used to taxing — namely, their glutes.

It’s a timeless recipe for fat-burning, strength-building and bun-shaping. “Think about how far back in history stairs go — the Mayan ruins, the pyramids,” Kostorowski says. “I bet the Mayans had awesome butts.”

His clients aren’t doing so badly in the buttocks department, either. Beyond the quickie stairmill sessions, Kostorowski regularly drags them a few blocks away to “The Exorcist” stairs (see below) for interval work. Sound boring to climb constantly? Not when mixing it up Kostorowski-style. He’ll instruct them to skip every other step, head sideways, or do lunges. He might have them perform heel raises, or he’ll get them hopping to work on their explosive power. “The stairs are just a prop,” he says. “How you use them is only limited by your imagination.”

Walter Lewis, owner of Awesome Physique, specializes in outdoor training, so he’s thought a lot about how to use stairs in his workouts. It’s one of the only tools he knows he’ll be able to find no matter where he’s meeting a client.

So, when it’s time for upper-body work, they use steps for push-ups. If trainees are still building up to being able to do them flat on the ground, Lewis can have them elevate their hands to make the movement easier. And if they’re looking for more of a challenge, he can make them elevate their legs instead to make the movement harder.

Want to get at your triceps? Lewis would have you sit on the bottom step, grab the edge with both hands, shift your fanny forward so it’s hanging in the air and then bend your arms down to perform dips. If there’s a handrail, he can even have you doing pull-ups.

This kind of variety is essential because a little stair climbing goes a long way. “We don’t use stairs as we would biking or running,” Kostorowski says. “It’s too much stress on your body.” The other downside, of course, is the possibility of falling down. That’s why he’ll allow clients to bound up as quickly as they want, but on the way back, he has them take it slowly and hold onto the railing.

After all, if you manage to avoid taking a tumble, stair climbing can take you to a whole new level — or at least a whole new butt.

For a place known for its short skyline, Washington, D.C., sure has a lot of stairs. Just commuting usually involves tackling at least one epic escalator (the one at Wheaton is a record-breaking 230 feet tall) — so, if you’re late, you’re climbing. But there a few sets of steps that are particularly spectacular for a workout or just a walk up:

» “The Exorcist” steps (the 3600 block of M Street NW): They’d look pretty freaky even if they hadn’t been made famous by a scene in the 1973 movie — 97 steps is a lot to handle. But they’re free and open at all hours if you’re looking for a challenge. Just don’t fall down them like that priest.

» Washington National Cathedral (3101 Wisconsin Ave. NW): Even though they cost $10, the Tower Climbs here almost always sell out. After all, the trek up 333 steps from the crypt level to the bells offers stunning views beyond the city (you can see the Blue Ridge Mountains!). Mark your calendar for the next tours, May 1 and 2 during the cathedral’s annual Flower Mart.

» Lincoln Memorial (west end of the Mall): You’ll have to dodge the tourists, so you’re probably better off walking than running the stairs that lead up to one of the city’s grandest landmarks. But even if it feels like it takes you four score and seven years to make your way to the top of those 98 steps, it’s worth it. No wonder it’s one of Lewis’ favorite places to take clients.

Photo by James Thresher/The Washington Post

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