I Lost 25 Pounds On My Impossible Comeback

By Kem H.

Have you ever felt like a comeback was almost impossible? Well that was me 15 months ago. I had just had my second baby. People kept saying just nurse the weight falls off. Well that was not working for me. My reality was the scale was not budging. I had zero energy and I was exhausted. However, I had just returned to work and none of my clothes fit.  I was too cheap to buy a new wardrobe and I didn’t want fat clothes. I decided to commit to making me healthier for my family and me. On this journey I have lost 25 pounds. I made exercising with Walter part of my schedule. I carved the time out. However, my kids schedules, my husbands work schedule or sick kids cause me to miss classes more often than I would like. Whenever this occurs I never allow myself to miss more than two workouts a week. Those days when life interferes I either start walking or work out at home.  When I can’t work out, I make sure my eating is as clean as possible.

The benefits I have enjoyed since I lost weight is more energy, feeling stronger, and sleeping better. One piece of advise I would give other mothers is to make time for yourself. Invest in your health and wellness. If you eat healthier, you feel better. As an added bonus, you teach good eating habits to your kids. Don’t forget, a life full of deprivation is not sustainable, so eat what you love; just either make a healthier version or eat it in moderation.

Lifestyle Changes Transformed Me Into Losing 34 Pounds and A Healthy Senior

By Harriett W.

I started my transformation with Walter in February of 2019, just after my 61st birthday. I realized that I needed to make lifestyle changes, if I wanted to be a healthy senior citizen. I had a very tough year from December 2017 through January 2018 with many personal losses and professional challenges. I ended up in a general funk and a very low point. 

Subsequently, I experienced a significant weight gain and a loss of motivation and energy. I seemed to be in a downward spiral.  My weight topped out at 191.8 pounds, and my lab test results for liver function, cholesterol, and sugar control were very unhealthy. I realized that I needed to do something! I tried for a month or so to reset things on my own with Weight Watchers, yoga class, and a fitness class here and there. I did have limited success and managed to go from 191.8 to 185 pounds (a change of 6.8 pounds), but things stalled. I still didn’t really have any additional strength or sense of wellbeing.

This is when I joined Walter’s fitness and training classes.  With his guidance, positive reinforcement, and cheerful nudging, I was able to see that I needed consistency, commitment, and reprioritization in order to reach my weight loss, fitness and health goals. I learned to make my fitness the priority and put my workouts high on the list of things that I had to do consistently. More importantly, I also learned that this needed to be accompanied by making healthy clean eating choices and that this could be done without feeling deprived!  There are countless healthy eating choices!  I’ve learned to plan ahead and balance my eating and exercising with my lifestyle.  If I know that I’m going to splurge in my diet at a special event, then I make sure that I add extra workout time and am very careful eating for the day or so beforehand. 

My first class was so hard, and I could barely keep up!  I could hardly do one leg lift or pushup, and I couldn’t even think about running!  In spite of that, I was determined to stick with it and get more fit! I just knew that it had to be done! The variation in the workouts is the best! It keeps me engaged and hasn’t become too routine or boring. With Walter’s encouragement, I slowly saw my weight drop and my ability to keep up with the fitness challenges improve each week! I remember being totally surprised to see the numbers on the scale drop each week during weigh-ins.  After 7 months my weight dropped to my current weight of 151 pounds (a loss of 34 pounds). Additionally, my body fat has gone from 40.2% to 32%; and my lab test results are now well within normal range.

The benefits my new lifestyle and new self are numerous.  Besides the weight loss, I have more energy and a more positive outlook in general. I finally feel in control! I feel lighter, stronger, and more toned than ever before. I have no trouble at all keeping up with my grandchildren on the playground.I don’t sit and watch them anymore, but I actually join in on the games of tag and even win once in a while! 

If you are struggling to get healthier, just put forth some effort and try it! Some of the ideas (tracking everything that you eat, following a healthy meal plan, EXERCISING with cardio and resistance training faithfully, fully hydrating, sleeping enough, meditating) may seem strange, but at least try it all and see how you feel after putting forth an honest effort. You may actually find that it works for you and that you enjoy it! It may become your new lifestyle and create a new you! Thanks, Walter!

Bootcamp and Virtual Training Helped Me Beat Depression and Lose 33 Pounds

By Cheryl N.

Before Weight: 185 pounds

Current Weight: 152 pounds

Location: Alexandria, VA

Occupation: Compliance Attorney

The turning point for me happened at the end of 2018 following a tough life event when I finally decided to get serious about exercising and my health. Bootcamp and the virtual training program gave me the tools to make that happen. A lot of people know they want something or that they need help but don’t know which direction to go in to get there. Having that kind of support network made what I wanted seem possible so I could pursue it, and also showed me I wasn’t alone in my struggles. Walter and the ladies were there for me and encouraged me during a difficult time when just getting out of bed in the morning seemed impossible.

Bootcamp gave me something I could depend on and look forward to, a purpose and a goal. Through it, I discovered that exercise and taking care of my body were therapeutic and healing for me, and once I started having success, it just made me want to continue doing better. 

The virtual program and coaching calls, in addition to helping me stay on track with exercise, helped me get and stay on track with my food habits and mental health needs as well. Through the calls and talking with others, I learned that food is something nearly all of us struggle with but there are strategies we can use. Following the meal plan advice and learning to eat to live rather than live to eat gave me results that just made me want to keep going to see what else I could achieve.

*You can listen to Part 2 of Cheryl’s success story in audio on the WLFS Online Academy.

Specifically, she discusses: 

  • Her daily routine that help shift her mind in breaking through depression and become health
  • What she ate daily to help her body transform
  • The various exercises and routines she did that reshaped her body
  • Why she began to love running after years of hating it.

I Used To Drink 21 Diets Cokes A Week, Now I Drink None

By Anne Degnan

When I first started working with Walter in October 2018, I was drinking up to 21 diet cokes a week! I would drink one in the morning since I don’t drink coffee, then when I felt sluggish in the afternoon I would have another, and sometimes I’d have another one with dinner! Walter said the first priority was to eliminate them from my diet. The first question he asked on each weekly call was, how many diet cokes did you drink this week? Then he would help me set a goal for the next week; I remember 14 being my goal at the beginning.

Since Walter kept making it a priority on our calls, it finally sunk in how important it was that I eliminate diet cokes. We set lower and lower goals for the week.  I didn’t always reach that goal. Then on a call before Memorial Day weekend, Walter said I could have four “treats” until the next phone call, a week away, and that a diet coke would count as a treat.  I had multiple picnics to attend over that weekend and I didn’t want to waste a cheat item on a diet coke! So, I made the commitment to get through that weekend without a diet coke, and I did. I haven’t had one since! It took until the end of May 2019, but I didn’t give up because Walter didn’t give up. 

I know that Walter’s virtual program was key to my success. I have a whole new mindset now. Having the discipline to avoid drinking diet sodas is giving me more discipline with other areas of my life. When I couldn’t control drinking diet soda, it made me feel like I couldn’t control other things. So I’m changing my habits with food now, increasing the amount of vegetables and fruit that I eat, and eating less and less sugar and processed food. With these changes, I actually have more energy. I don’t feel as sluggish in the afternoons. I don’t feel as achy as I used to feel. So I can increase the intensity of my workouts and I am gradually losing weight! What I love about the virtual program is having Walter hold me accountable; I can’t make excuses. The weekly call, where I can ask questions and get feedback on my week, is invaluable! I am confident that I WILL reach my goals! Thanks, Walter!

Couch to 5K and WLFS Bootcamp Help Me Lose 26 Pounds

By Amber Clayton

Results: Lost 26 Pounds

Location:  Alexandria, VA

Occupation: Director

My first program with Walter was the “Couch to 5K”.  I thought that was perfect for me since I spent a lot of time on the couch.  I hardly got any exercise and I was looking and feeling terrible.  I couldn’t do a sit up, or leg lifts and I couldn’t walk long distances or run without pain in my shins and my feet.  I didn’t think I would make it through the course but by the end of the 3rd week, I was able to speed walk the 5K.  I was the last one to complete it, but I didn’t care. 

Since then, I have done 3 more 5Ks, running and walking, and I plan to do more.  I have continued to participate in the Boot Camp twice a week. While training with Walter, I have lost 26 pounds. Also, my core is stronger and I feel better. 

I am so proud of my accomplishment thus far. Thanks Walter!