The Couples of Virtual Bootcamp

In the past, some of my clients attended bootcamp or personal training sessions by themselves. However, since starting WLFS Virtual Bootcamp in March 2020, numerous couples have enjoyed the benefits of getting healthy together. Here are five couples who participate in virtual bootcamp at least twice a week.

Jeanine & Mike

The Walter Lewis Virtual Bootcamp Program provides us a fantastic cardio, core and strength training workout to help us realize our health and fitness goals. The program creates an individual engagement experience; one that’s flexible, challenging, and results-focused. Walter’s welcoming and engaging style is supportive while challenging each of us to be our healthiest version of ourselves.

Clarence & Dana

Clarence: I think if not for COVID19, I may not have joined. The zoom training is very convenient for me. Now that I have started, you can count me in.

Dana: As a result of me taking Virtual Boot camp classes, I am exercising more than ever.  The classes are offered at a convenient time, consist of cardio/weight training and I am definitely working up a good sweat. I’m am a very satisfied client of Virtual Boot Camp.

Craig & Patti

We are so thankful for Walter’s Virtual Bootcamp!   We don’t know how much we would weigh or how out of shape we’d have become during this pandemic if Walter hadn’t been so creative to get this virtual option rolled out to his customers. With several date/time options, it has been very convenient since I work from home currently and Craig is within a mile of his work. Actually, its been so nice just to pop downstairs and not have to drive back and forth to the gym — getting a little spoiled!  Also working out as a couple helps to keep us accountable to each other and not make excuses!  We are also engaging in the 10-day challenge and looking forward to better eating.  Thank you for all you do Walter!

Elizabeth & Todd

We absolutely love Walter’s Virtual Boot Camp, and having the opportunity to participate together makes it even better. Between being parents and juggling two full-time jobs, it can be tough to find time to exercise and to be together as a couple. After working all day in separate rooms of the house, we’re so happy when it’s time for boot camp so we can hang out together, see friendly faces online, and have a fantastic workout with Walter.

Eileen & Keith

Eileen turned me on to Walters bootcamp back in February, and I haven’t looked back.  It’s a perfect exercise regiment for outside or in.  Being at the age that hardcore weight training is not a great option, this combines, cardio, bodyweight training, dumbbell weight training, balance, and flexibility all in one.  The time on a daily basis is very manageable and has worked out great working from home during this pandemic.  Walter is very knowledgeable and motivational.  I really like the in-person (or virtual) workout in lieu of just random online exercise routines.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stay toned, workout with fellow exercise enthusiasts, and its an awesome way to connect with your spouse or significant other.  Eileen and I work out together four to five times a week, and has improved our relationship and made us closer in the process! 

The Sisters of Virtual Bootcamp

Staying motivated to work out has not been easy – especially since COVID-19 forced us to work from home and gyms have been closed. When Walter started the virtual boot camp, my co-worker, Renee, encouraged me to give it a try. I had worked out with Walter before, but virtually?! After one session, I was hooked. I love being able to roll out of bed and work out. My sister is a workout-acholic, so thought I should ask her to join…and I am so glad she did.

My sister, Anna, lives in Columbus, Ohio and I (Erin) live in Alexandria, VA. It has been so fun for us to be able to work out together even when we are so far away from each other. And we make sure the other does not back out; and if we do, we do not hear the end of it.

– Erin

The Seniors of Virtual Bootcamp

It is never too late to start taking better care of yourself regardless of your age. Exercising regularly is an important habit you must practice to age well and live longer. Since starting Virtual Bootcamp in mid-March and the 30-day challenge, five seniors have been participating on a regular basis and have reaped the benefits.

Renee (Age 65)

Over the past 30 days, I’ve made a 360 degree turnaround in my outlook on the significance of having a healthy mind, body and spirit.  Participating in the WLFS virtual bootcamp is a lifesaver.  While teleworking since the onset of COVID-19, I’ve recommitted to working out at least 5 to 6 days a week, doing some form of weight resistance, cardio and deliberately working up a sweat while training.  At the end of the day, I devote at least 15 minutes to log daily meals and water consumption.  I’ve partnered with myself to do better.

The WLFS and HealthReelPro apps are most beneficial in tracking my progress in losing the excess weight and unwanted inches around my waistline.  I have a little ways to go to “see” the difference in my overall appearance.  I have enjoyed the informational teleconferences with Walter and the health experts and the one-on-one weekly check-ins.  Every day, I’m encouraged to be a part of a health-oriented community.

Ruth (Age 69)

I am age 69 year with two replacement knees and hips, so it has been a challenge for me in these 30 days. I usually walk or do water aerobics three days a week, but since everything was closed, I turned to an alternate way of working out. This has been different for me. First I committed to during the 30 day challenge, and then I wanted to change my mind. I just didn’t think I could do the exercises. Second, I had to give up some of the junk food that I would eat several times during the week, that was hard.

After confronting those issues and discussing with Walter that I couldn’t do certain exercises, there were no more excuses.  Walter would modify the exercises for me. I have found that since taking the 30 days challenge, I don’t hurt like I use too and I actually look forward to the coaching and virtual bootcamp. All that said and done, I have lost 5 pounds since starting and that is a milestone for me. I really want to keep the momentum going.

B. Keane (Age 72)

I have thoroughly enjoyed the 30 Day Fitness Challenge. I was hesitant at first that I could make a significant change as I  had not done any Bootcamp type activity or watched my diet for some time. To my surprise, Walter’s formula worked. He encouraged all participants and made it seem doable. In fact, it has been so doable that I have lost 6 pounds at this point, more than halfway to my goal weight. In addition, I have more energy, a positive attitude and I look better in my clothes. Walter Lewis has made a difference in my life. (Please don’t tell my husband!).

Marie D. (Age 68)

Virtual Bootcamp has been so beneficial to my mental Health. I have been more consistent in the virtual classes than the outdoor bootcamp. Thanks Walter!

Glenn Spitzer (Age 74)

I show up to three to four sessions a week and do what I can. I am amazed at what I am able to do now compared to when I started. I am so grateful for virtual bootcamp.

I Lost 15 Pounds Within Six Weeks of Virtual Coaching

By Maggie Compeaux

When I first began my weight loss journey, I was struggling to find someone to hold me accountable. I then came across Walter Lewis Fitness Solutions online and decided to take a chance with him. That was the best decision I could have made! Even though I live in Louisiana, I was still able to accomplish my goals by having Walter coach me through every step of the way. He has helped me to find a balance with my eating and training. I’ve always been a person who likes to workout, but when I came to Walter I had lost that drive.

I gained 20 pounds and couldn’t get the weight off no matter what I tried. Now I have just completed my first 6 weeks of Virtual Coaching and I’ve already lost 15 pounds! I am seeing my clothes fit differently and the inches are falling off my waist. I am already signed up for another 6 weeks and I’m excited to see how far I can go with my weight loss journey.

The benefits from Virtual Coaching are that it’s almost like having a coach that’s actually there, but better! If I ever have a question about a certain food or anything workout related, I know I can just email Walter and get help immediately. I believe this program worked for me because I knew I had someone helping me and wanting the same end goals as I did. Walter holds you accountable for everything you do and that’s what I needed. I am so happy with my results thus far and I would recommend virtual coaching with Walter Lewis to anyone who is struggling to lose weight. I can’t wait to see where I go from here!

I Lost 25 Pounds On My Impossible Comeback

By Kem H.

Have you ever felt like a comeback was almost impossible? Well that was me 15 months ago. I had just had my second baby. People kept saying just nurse the weight falls off. Well that was not working for me. My reality was the scale was not budging. I had zero energy and I was exhausted. However, I had just returned to work and none of my clothes fit.  I was too cheap to buy a new wardrobe and I didn’t want fat clothes. I decided to commit to making me healthier for my family and me. On this journey I have lost 25 pounds. I made exercising with Walter part of my schedule. I carved the time out. However, my kids schedules, my husbands work schedule or sick kids cause me to miss classes more often than I would like. Whenever this occurs I never allow myself to miss more than two workouts a week. Those days when life interferes I either start walking or work out at home.  When I can’t work out, I make sure my eating is as clean as possible.

The benefits I have enjoyed since I lost weight is more energy, feeling stronger, and sleeping better. One piece of advise I would give other mothers is to make time for yourself. Invest in your health and wellness. If you eat healthier, you feel better. As an added bonus, you teach good eating habits to your kids. Don’t forget, a life full of deprivation is not sustainable, so eat what you love; just either make a healthier version or eat it in moderation.